Alleged GoFundMe Fraud, Fake Cancer

Accused Cancer Faker Ashley Lively Appears in Court Looking Like a Completely Unrepentant Slob

Ashley Lively Gofundme

HEY, it’s been a while since we caught up with the Sweetwater, TN woman accused of faking pancreatic cancer all while abusing Real Tree outerwear, so here we are. In case you’ve forgotten, Ashley Lively allegedly scammed her community and unsuspecting Internet strangers out of thousands all for what she called “a cry for help.” 10News says she used the money to fund trips to the beach and even a new car.

And she (allegedly) did so all while maintaining an irritatingly snobbish holier-than-thou air:

Ashley Lively Facebook

OMG I know right, girl! Oh wait, you were describing you.

So, Lively — who is out on bail after being booked on a felony theft charge in October — appeared in court on Monday for a quick sec, just to look smug and hear the judge say she is expected to behave until she returns to court in January.

Lively’s attorney says he still needs time to review the state’s case against her.