Disgraced Cleveland radio DJ and GoFraudMe “most hilarious mugshot award” winner Joseph “JG” Spooner was due to be scheduled in his GoFundMe fraud case this past Tuesday, however that will have to wait. It seems Spooner got bored and/or desperate and (allegedly, obvs) passed the time out on bail running a Craigslist scam.

We — I mean all of us — first became acquainted with JG Spooner back in April when he was charged with money laundering for his part in a highly unsophisticated GoFundMe scam in which he created a campaign for a woman who later died from cystic fibrosis, kept the $7000+ raised, and then got caught. Then, in November, we found out that he may have orchestrated another poorly-hatched plan in the form of a Craigslist rental scam.

As it turns out, that scam was worse than originally suspected. Cleveland.com reports that court records show he took close to $6000 from six different people to rent them a home that wasn’t his to rent out. Making things worse, he took some of these payments after court records in November mentioned the scam. Like, dude. You’re not good at this, just stop.

If you think it ends there, you’d be wrong. In addition to his GoFuckery and the Craigslist rental scam, detectives have opened yet another investigation after a credit union reported Spooner attempted to pass fake or fraudulent checks.

Listen, guy, it sounds like you’re desperate. You’re also terrible at this scamming thing. My humble suggestion would be put your shit in storage and have your bail revoked so you can procure three hots and cot at the taxpayer hotel while you work your shit out. Hey, you might be able to get another terrible tattoo while you’re there to go with your rockin’ Superman. Just sayin.

Anyone concerned about Spooner’s reign of scamming terror should just chill out, though, as his attorney assures the court that he’s trying to get his shit together. “I can assure if at the end of the day he has stubbed his toe, we intend to do anything in our power to make things right and to put him on the right path again,” he said.