Earlier this month, we told you about Joyell “J.D.” Riley, an Ohio woman who feeds homeless veterans in the park. Aww. Despite her good work for the community, Riley was charged with a single count of wire fraud after prosecutors allege she faked military service as well as cancer all for GoFundMe funds. Not aww.

The indictment states that Riley claimed to be a “highly decorated combat veteran” in her GoFundMe campaign, and used White-Out to falsify a government document supposedly proving that she was discharged from duty after reaching the rank of captain in the Marine Corps. It also states that over 30 people donated $3,515 to Riley’s GoFundMe campaign. Unfortunately, we were unable to find even a cached copy of said campaign.

On Friday, Riley pleaded not guilty in federal court.

For more on this case, check out this Mansfield News Journal reporter engaging in some excellent gotcha journalism with Riley in the same park where she feeds homeless vets. Vets, I will remind you, that she allegedly told she was one of them.

Riley is currently out on bail and on a short leash within the state of Ohio until the resolution of her case. Or, on a super short leash in the near future if she is convicted of wire fraud.