Maybe I’m getting old but back in my day, we didn’t have all these GoFundMes and Twitters or anything at all, really, except a dial-up connection we had to walk two miles uphill in the snow to make as long as our mom wasn’t already on the phone. Anyhoo.

Meet @Fsu_Atl. @Fsu_Atl wants $1 million for a senior prank because reasons. He’s also highly fond of the word “retard” which is all the more reason to give him money, right? No worries, he’s got a GoFundMe page!

Admittedly, I could only stand about 1:33 of this crap before I had to go scoop cat shit in order to do something more interesting than waste 8 minutes of my life watching this dude YouTube and drive. But whatever, maybe you’re stronger than I am.

What’s the prank, again? And why does it require $1 million?