Some really disturbing news out of Australia this morning.

A 27-year-old mom who hasn’t been named is accused of starving her baby girl and fraudulently collecting over $15,000 on a GoFundMe campaign set up for the child.

Australian media has been careful not to reveal the identity of the woman as apparently that’s the law over there but this is ‘Murica; you know darn well I tracked down a cache of the now-removed fundraiser and have no problem putting it out there.

A man who says he is the brother of the arrested mom writes:

I am writing this for my sister Angela, who is presently undergoing a situation no parent should have to go through.
My sister and her husband Daniel are very proud parents to 4 beautiful children, 5yrs, 4yrs, 2 yrs and 5months old. The youngest , Olivia , was born in September 2015 and was a welcome addition to the family.
But then things deteriorated.
Olivia was not putting on any weight, no matter how often or what she was fed her weight did not change. She was admitted to hospital in October 2015 and fed via a PICC line, some small gains were made but not enough. Every single doctor and specialist ran various tests to find out what’s wrong , but still to this day no one has found an answer.
Olivia is presently being continuously fed 24 hrs a day with the highest calories the doctors can give her, but for some reason her little body is burning these calories , and not using them to grow, gain weight or feed her cells the right way.
At the beginning of the year Angela was told that Olivia was dying, her heart was slowing, her blood sugars were deranged, her muscles were wasting and eventually her brain would begin to shut down.
The hospital placed her under palliative care, and suggested the family prepare for the worst.

Olivia weighed just 2.8kgs (6.17 lbs)  when the campaign was created on February 14.

The woman has been charged with torture, grievous bodily harm and fraud; she is due back in court on December 12.