We’ve seen a lot of ballsy GoFundMe pages over the years, but this one takes the cake. The gold-plated cake. The gold-plated, platinum-stuffed cake.

ABC Australia gives us a little background on Mr Wheeler:

Dylan Wheeler was just 17 when he was accused of taking part of an international hacking ring from his Perth bedroom.

The group is alleged to have hacked into the computers of Microsoft and the US Army and stolen intellectual property.

Wheeler left Australia for the Czech Republic last year while facing a string of charges which carry a maximum jail sentence of 10 years.

But rather than lying low, the 20-year-old appears to be thumbing his nose at authorities, asking for donors to contribute to a new Ferrari.

While ABC doesn’t link to the GoFundMe page, we’re happy to do so here just for posterity’s sake. And here is an archived copy just in case this bad boy disappears just like the person who created it.

In his plea for $500,000AU, Wheeler writes:

Hello comrads,

I want to fund $500,000AUD and I need your help.
I need a Ferrari because of my anxiety, my doctor has said because of the FBI and Police I am unable to function properly without a Ferrari. [emphasis mine]

All jokes aside, with my 21st coming up by the end of year, I’d love to fund my dream car, I’ve been through a lot, my panic disorder is worstening and ultimately I’d just love to even if we don’t reach the goal, fund a reasonably nice new car.


I mean, people cyberbegging for “support animals” such as a $3000 purebred French bulldog isn’t unheard of. But a Ferrari? Bruh.

As Wheeler tweeted, what’s a guy for trying? So far, he’s netted $175 toward his outrageous goal.