If you came here looking for video of the 12-year-old who hung herself on livestream, I hate to disappoint (lie, I really don’t) but you’re not going to find it here.

Katelyn Nichole Davis, of Georgia, was pronounced dead at the Polk Medical Center on the evening of December 30; before her body was discovered, she streamed her suicide on live.me. In now-deleted diaries, the middle schooler wrote about abuse at the hands of her stepfather, and described her living conditions as “an old rusty mattress laying on a cold, wet floor.”

A GoFundMe campaign started by her mother five days before her death confirms that there were water issues in the home:

My husband has left me and im not able to work due to a car wreck. With all that being said i have faith in God that who ever reads this will find it in their heart to help me get these bills caught up. My husband left me with a 3 month past due power bill of $719.00 which i was able to pay $400.00 toward it but just got a new bill in and im still 2 months behind i owe 589.00 by jan 15 or my power gets shut off along with that i have water leaks underneath my trailor and cant afford to call a plumber to fix so my water leaks my water bill is $156.00 along with rent even though im hurt i have put in applications on for various different jobs and still haven’t found a job. Thanks so very much for ur generosity and my God Bless You for Your Kindness..

That campaign has since been taken down. An archived copy can be found here.

Shortly after Katelyn’s death, a woman claiming to be her grandmother started a GoFundMe campaign for her burial. That campaign has since been taken down as well, however here’s an archive.

Concerned commenters were reluctant to give money to the campaign, and instead called in countless donations directly to the funeral home, entirely covering the cost. The service was held last Friday.

While the Internet is busy dissecting the situation, applying their opinions, and attacking Katelyn’s mother’s Facebook page, scammers are busy slapping up phony campaigns to capitalize on this tragedy.

One such campaign we found — which was quickly removed — reads:

Katelynn Nicole Davis was a 12 year old girl who committed suicide live streaming . She constantly got bullied at school , and abused and raped at home . The money being raised will be used to help pay for her funeral . I didn’t know her personally , but I’m the only one trying to help [emphasis ours].

So, we repeat: Katelyn’s funeral has been paid for in full. An investigation into her death is ongoing. If you happen to see any GoFundMe campaigns for the girl floating around out there, please let us know.

If you are struggling with suicidal feelings, you are not alone. Please reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. Or give us a holla, we’ll lend you an ear.