Hey folks, I’d like you to meet Adam Pattinson.

Adam is a big fat liar who pretended his cats died in a fire in order to rip off unsuspecting cat people to the tune of £2,500. Shame on you, Mr. Pattinson, shame on you.

The Kings Heath Cat Club is a Facebook group boasting over 3500 members. Its description states it is “the place to share and care for your pussycat.” Rawr. This all started the group found out Pattinson’s three cats died in a house fire; it’s a tragic thought for anyone, even those monsters who don’t particularly like cats.

After texting a friend about the fire in July, a GoFundMe benefiting the alleged grieving cat owner was set up and the money came pouring in, much in part to the generosity of the Kings Heath Cat Club. After GoFundMe fees, he walked away with £2,228. The problem here is that he made the whole thing up. As it turns out, the cats are safe and sound with Pattinson’s girlfriend.

As often happens in these cases, the truth came out in the wash and Pattinson was called into court to answer for his big fat lies. He pleaded guilty to fraud and was sentenced to 100 hours of community service. Donors to the fraudulent campaign have been reimbursed.

At the sentencing, the judge told Pattinson “It is clearly an unpleasant offence in that it preys on people’s natural sympathy, which you were not entitled to. It is also aggravated by the fact you have a previous offence of dishonesty.” Not to mention the fact that he ripped off a bunch of generous cat people who were so broken up by his story they were praying and lighting candles and crying over the thought of kitty cats burning alive in a house fire. Yeah. That’s just straight up evil.

We dedicate this to you, Mr. Pattinson.