Unlike me, you probably don’t read the Daily Mail very often (shut up it’s my thing). In which case, you probably have no idea who some of the people I’m about to talk about are. That’s alright, I totally understand.

Blac Chyna

This is Blac Chyna. Angela Renée White — better known as Blac Chyna — “is an American model and entrepreneur” according to Wikipedia, which is a shitty source but oh well, I don’t feel like Googling this any more than I have to.

Rob Kardashian

This is Rob Kardashian. His dad was one of OJ Simpson’s defense attorneys and his sister made a sex tape. He and Blac Chyna recently announced their engagement which is sorta awkward because Blac Chyna has a baby by a rapper named Tyga who is currently dating Rob’s half sister Kylie.

Are we all caught up now? Good.

blac chyna mom

There’s one last person to meet, and that’s Blac Chyna’s mom. She’s the “CEO of On My Grind Enertainment and Promotions llc” [sic] and the one behind this vague and confusing GoFundMe page:

I am doing an independent film about my life. I believe telling my story can help a lot of people. I am asking for anything you can do to help my project unfold. The mone ywill be used for my production. I would be so thankful to you guys. I grind hard everyday to make my dreams a reality. I need your support even if its just $5.00! Its costs a lot of money to make a documentary. Thank you very much !

In an update, she clarifies that the film is not, in fact, about her at all but about everyone. You know, people and stuff. Or something.

This film isn’t about me!! Lol– it’s titled it’s my life and it’s my time. It’s about my city in the, I never talk about myself ever. I am a promoter in Washington DC so I am highlighting everything in my life and bringing it to the screen for others to learn by and be motivated. This also gives artists in my city as well as comedians models a chance to be on the platform in which they would’ve never gotten

Perhaps the fact that the GoFundMe page is entitled “Blac Chyna’s Mom Tokyo life Story” is from where the confusion stems, but that’s just a guess.

Here’s a free tip to any would-be GoFundMe millionaires: when asking strangers on the internet for money, it’s super helpful to detail your plan for said money. Anyone can make an independent film with a crappy Android phone and a YouTube account, you don’t need $35k for that. But maybe you need $35k for a GoPro, screenwriter, and studio space in which to film. That’s a little more reasonable than “hey i want to make a movie and my daughter is famous by proxy because she let an overweight D-list celebrity put his penis inside of her, give me money.”

So far, her campaign has earned $420. Which is perfect because you’d have to be high to donate to this.