Alright so technically this GoFundMe campaign was started by Levi Johnston’s wife Sunny, not Levi himself (as far as we know). You may remember Levi from the 2008 presidential election, he was the goofy-looking teenager standing with the Palin family, one of whom he knocked up at the ripe old age of 17.

Palin McCain 2008

Good ole abstinence education, huh kids!

Anyhoo, Bristol has moved on with her life and since found a second baby daddy. Levi has moved on as well, but just can’t seem to get out from under the debt he racked up fighting Bristol over their son Tripp, who was born in 2009 — a year before GoFundMe made its public debut.

Now, before we get into the GoFundMe campaign I’d like to make something clear: I’d rather get my teeth extracted with pliers through my eyeballs than deal with this election. And the one before it. The one before that was pretty cool but even that one was petty and obnoxious. So, with that said, I couldn’t give two shits about someone’s political leanings, all we care about is that hey look, it’s a GoFundMe page for a Z-list “celebrity” who is only famous for getting a teen girl pregnant.

His wife Sunny writes on the GoFundMe page:

Hello everyone we are Levi and Sunny Johnston of Wasilla, Alaska. As we are sure many of you are aware we have been engaged in a long and rather protracted legal battle to retain custody of Levi’s son Tripp. The good news is that it appears the custody situation is settled. The bad news is that we still owe many thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Unlike some we are not able to raise money through fundraising e-mails or SuperPACS [emphasis mine] and are instead asking for your help in paying these bills and allowing us to get back to the important job of raising our family.

OK Sunny, you legit sound bitter. No one owes your husband anything, just as they didn’t owe his almost mother-in-law anything. I’m fairly sure Bristol using SuperPACs to fund her baby daddy drama — of which your husband was happily a part — is in serious violation of numerous campaign finance laws. But that is neither here nor there, especially since you are the one asking for money on GoFundMe.

none of my business

So far, the Johnstons have raised $11,000 of a $10,000 goal. It appears not everyone is thrilled about this:

Levi Johnston Gofundme

What about his other magazine shoot?

Best of luck to them and what not.