The other day I was innocently browsing through my Facebook feed and was suddenly presented with the following sponsored post, which means a page actually paid money to Facebook to annoy me with this:

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 11.00.17 AM

Here’s the story from the GoFundMe page:

This is about a hard working single mother of 6.  Her name is Alisha Gallion and she found out this year she has cancer.  She works a full time job as a manager/hairstylist.  She works every week-end and most week days to support her children.  Her children feel rich with her love and care for them.  There is nothing she wouldn’t do for them all.

This health issue has been a struggle.  She doesn’t have insurance to cover this because it is pre-existing.  She has been trying to save money for a few months to have the first surgery that she desperately needs.  She hasn’t even reached a quarter of what she owes for just the first procedure.  This is not counting the cancer treatment medication and possible procedures to come.  She is in her first phase of this journey.  The goal set isn’t even close to what will be needed.  We pray more than expected comes in for her.  Her parents are planning fundraisers as well in their home town.

The funds will be used for the surgery and medication alone.  She is having to wait for the money before she can even have the first surgery.  As stated earlier, she is in dire need to have this surgery as soon as possible and also to begin cancer treatments.  As all of us, she wants to be around to raise all of her children and maybe even some grandchildren.  This would mean everything to her and her precious babies.

Please pray for direction and donate to Alisha so she can move on with the medical attention she needs.  May God bless each dollar given and each person that gives.

Thank you in advance for Alisha!

Listen, all of that sounds terrible. I feel for her, I really do. But I know nothing about Middleton Raines + Zapata LLP except that they’re a CPA firm and that they paid Facebook to “sponsor” this post. Who is this person? And who verified her story? Does this CPA firm advise their clients to donate to any random plea they come across on the internet? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

A CPA firm sharing GoFundMe pages just doesn’t sit well with me. Hell, any business. If Middleton, Raines, and/or Zapata want to share this on their personal Facebook pages, fine. But we urge the firm to rethink this tactic. Stick to tax prep, you guys.