According to KYMA in California, an Imperial County woman is accused of stealing from a GoFundMe campaign set up for a 3-year-old battling cancer. The Imperial County Sheriff’s Office says 33-year-old Leah M. Puyot withdrew $11,500 from the account.

Authorities were alerted of the possible theft by one of the child’s parents when the child died in January [ed. note: KYMA says January, however this Facebook post says the girl died last November].

An Instagram post from someone who claims to be the little girl’s uncle explains the girl’s illness further and encourages people to donate to the GoFundMe campaign started and wholly controlled by Puyot.

Leah Puyot Gofundme

Puyot — who describes herself as “the sweetest asshole you’ll ever meet” on Facebook — was arrested today and is charged with grand theft.