At the time of publication on the WSAU website, police had yet to confirm the names of the victims and crime scene tape still surrounded the Bohn family home, where it is believed 36-year-old Justin Bohn killed his two children and then himself. Yet a GoFundMe page to benefit his widow and mother to the deceased children was already up and running, saying “Justin Bohn and his two young children passed away unexpectedly on April 27th, 2016.” The fundraiser was started the same day as the murder-suicide by a former coworker of Justin’s.

Can we just take a brief moment to acknowledge how utterly fucked up this is? Like all of it. Is this what we do now? Immediately put up a GoFundMe and let the media report on how much has been raised before authorities have even finished processing the crime scene?

I don’t know about you guys but I find the whole thing really creepy. And sad. Mostly sad, of course, but definitely creepy.

So much for privacy, welcome to the brave new world.