You may be familiar with the MTV show Catfish, now in its 5th season, which features would-be internet lovers meeting their sweethearts for the first time in front of cameras.

The premise is this: someone meets someone online, the sexting gets hot and heavy, one party desperately wants to meet their digital lover while the other continually makes excuses why they can’t get on Skype. This sort of thing happened all the time in the late 90s when most of us were just starting to get online but nowadays, even my cat can video chat, so 9.9 times out of 10, the shy party is a big ole faker pretending to be someone they aren’t. Enter the Catfish crew to bring the two parties together and possibly tape up a broken heart with a side of tough love and amateur therapy.

Now the Catfish crew is looking for someone who has been jilted not by an internet lover but by a GoFundMe fraudster. Maybe you donated to a ‘sick child’ you later learned wasn’t sick at all. Maybe you helped out a young lady with rent and bills only to discover she wasn’t actually experiencing any financial difficulty at all. Whatever your experience, the Catfish casting folks would like to talk to you.

Just fill out their application and be sure to let them know GoFraudMe sent you. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to confront the fraudster and ask them why they ripped you off. Wouldn’t that feel good? We sure think so.