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Officer Justin Scherlen

Alleged GoFundMe Fraud

Texas Group Warns of Fake GoFundMe Campaigns For Deceased Police Officer

Alleged GoFundMe Fraud

UK Mom Says Scammers Stole Her Daughter’s Story For Fraudulent GoFundMe Campaign

Gofundme campaign removed

Alleged GoFundMe Fraud

Texas Teen Says He Never Saw GoFundMe Funds Raised in His Name

Candy Arthurs Gofundme

Alleged GoFundMe Fraud, Funeral Costs

Family of ‘Hero Grandmother’ Warns of Fake GoFundMe Pages in the Wake of Her Death

Alleged GoFundMe Fraud

‘Dying’ Dad Tells Scamming Son to Knock It Off With This Fake GoFundMe Campaign

Collin Leber

Alleged GoFundMe Fraud, Obvious GoFundMe scams

Kentucky Parents ‘Angry’ Over Fake GoFundMe Campaign For Their Deceased Baby

Danita Tutt Wrestlemania

Alleged GoFundMe Fraud, GoFuckery

Mom Accused of Making Her Son Sick, Leading to Ill-Gotten GoFundMe Gains

Pamela Webster Gofundme

Alleged GoFundMe Fraud, Funeral Costs

Cleveland Woman Accused of Stealing Funeral Funds Raised For Her ‘Adopted’ Family

SaveMayowa Gofundme

Alleged GoFundMe Fraud, Fake Cancer

Here’s How One Actress Got Fooled Into Promoting a Scam GoFundMe Campaign

#SaveMayowa Gofundme

Alleged GoFundMe Fraud

Forget the Nigerian Prince, Nigeria Has Some Real GoFundMe Fraud on Its Hands

Jaxon Gofundme campaign

Alleged GoFundMe Fraud

Jackass With No Connection To Family Creates Fake Campaign for Dead Child

Monika Burgett Gofundme

Alleged GoFundMe Fraud, Fake Cancer

[UPDATED] Texas Mom Accused of Exaggerating Son’s Medical Issues for GoFundMe Gain

JD Riley

Alleged GoFundMe Fraud, Fake Cancer

Alleged ‘Fake’ Marine Pleads Not Guilty to GoFundMe Charge, Calls the Case ‘Bullcrap’

Leah Puyot mugshot

Alleged GoFundMe Fraud

California Woman Accused of Stealing $11k From GoFundMe Campaign For Cancer Kid

Hugo Parker

Alleged GoFundMe Fraud

Parents Disgusted by Fake GoFundMe Page Using Photos of Their Dead Baby Boy

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