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William Davis GoFundMe

Crime, Know Before You Donate

Nurse Accused of Murdering Patients Took to GoFundMe, Said It’s All a Misunderstanding

Edson and Lason Brito


Prosecutors: Mom Who Stabbed Two Sons to Death Hoped for a Lucrative GoFundMe Pay Day

Tia Young and Tim Lee mugshots

Crime, Obvious GoFundMe scams

GoFundMe for Georgia Widow Removed After the Woman is Charged in Husband’s Murder

Michael Reed GoFundMe


Weirdo Who Intentionally Crashed Into Ten Commandments Monument Put Up a GoFundMe to Replace His Car


GoFundMe For Injured Motorcyclist Fails to Mention He Was Probably Drunk and Crashed Into a Day Care

Angela Corson Smith mugshot

Crime, GoFundMe Fraud

Meet the Montana Super Scammer Who Pretended Her Kid Was Sick While on Probation for Fraud

Fake ID Gofundme


Underage Young Lady Turns to GoFundMe to Buy a Fake ID, It Ends in Disappointment

Walker Daugherty


Hunting Guides Claim Illegals Shot Them, Collect $20k on GoFundMe, Get Arrested For Shooting Each Other

Malissa Ancona


Woman Accused of Murdering KKK Leader Husband Was Also Really Bad at Online Fundraising

RaeLynn Gloria Coria-Martinez Gofundme


GoFundMe Pulls Memorial Campaign for Murdered Little Girl After Beneficiary is Charged in Death of Girl

Reynaldo Ramirez Santa


Santa Impersonator and Child Porn Enthusiast Turned to GoFundMe to Access Children

Donate4Mike Gofundme


Desperate But Stupid Criminals Now Stealing Your GoFundMe Campaigns

Crime, GoFundMe Policies

GoFundMe Campaign Started by Mother of Murder Suspect Gets Whacked

Camber Chavis

Crime, Now It's Fraud

Little Girl Murdered by Her Father and Robbed by Her Mother in Virginia


Friends of Accused LIBOR Conspirator Turn to Crowdfunding to Launch Case Review