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Shut Up and Give Me Back My Money meme

Avoiding GoFundMe fraud, GoFundMe Policies, Know Before You Donate

So You Got Scammed By a GoFundMe Campaign, Now What?

William Davis GoFundMe

Crime, Know Before You Donate

Nurse Accused of Murdering Patients Took to GoFundMe, Said It’s All a Misunderstanding

James Lee Steen Sr GoFundMe

Know Before You Donate

Marine Scams Fellow Marine into Starting a GoFundMe for Him, Fails to Mention He’s Facing Several Drug Felonies

Reid Herjo GoFundMe

GoFundMe Fraud, Know Before You Donate

Pathetic Excuse for a Man Beats His Puppy to Death, Scams GoFundMe Out of $15k

Toys R Us GoFundMe campaign

Know Before You Donate, Probably Not Fraud Just Stupid

[UPDATED] This Billionaire Putting Up a GoFundMe to Save a Failing Business is Everything Wrong with GoFundMe

Keaton Jones GoFundMe

Know Before You Donate

Would-Be GoFundMe Hero Thwarted by Lady’s Confederate Flag Waving Rants About Child Abuse

David Stevens Child Rapist GoFundMe

Know Before You Donate

Creepy Convicted Kiddie Rapist Put Up a GoFundMe to Jumpstart His Career as a Children’s Book Author

munchausen by internet fundraising

Know Before You Donate

Authorities: Mom Made Child Sick For Unsuccessful Crowdfunding Campaign

Summer Stevens GoFundMe

Know Before You Donate

GoFundMe for Louisiana Student Who Ran Red Light Drunk and Put Someone Else in the Hospital Fails to Mention She Was Drunk AF

Tyson Lindsey Morrow GoFundMe

Know Before You Donate

Let’s Talk About the GoFundMes For the Iowa Dog Rescuer Charged With Cruelty and Torture

Des Moines officer shooting

Know Before You Donate

Des Moines Police Warn Against Donating to GoFundMe Campaigns for Fallen Officers

get shelter dogs out of Montreal Gofundme

Know Before You Donate

GoFundMe Campaign for Montreal Pit Bull Ban Panic is Now Closed, Refunding Donations

TLU Rescue

Know Before You Donate, Rescue fraud

[UPDATED] Pet Rescue Raided by SPCA for ‘Disgusting’ Conditions in Ohio Used GoFundMe to Dupe Donors

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GoFraudMe Presents: The GoFundMe Donor Bill of Rights