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Randy Margraves GoFundMe

Not Fraud

Turns Out the GoFundMe For Pedo-Punching Parent is a “Fake”

Nigerian Prince GoFundMe

Not Fraud

Hey, Follow GoFraudMe On Instagram!

Peaches Monroee

Not Fraud

Eyebrows On Fleek Girl Just Sent the Internet an Invoice on GoFundMe

Megan Zipperer Gofundme

Not Fraud

[UPDATED] Florida Mom With Terminal Cancer Says She Was Accused of Being a Fake

Honest Gofundme

Not Fraud

Psst, Come Take Our GoFundMe Survey

Atheist donation Gofundme

Crowdfunding Ethics, Not Fraud

Atheist Group’s Small Donation Rejected by Charity, So Atheists Raised $26k on GoFundMe

Scott Richards jailed in Dubai

Not Fraud

Australian Man Imprisoned in Dubai Over Sharing a GoFundMe Campaign

hide and seek

Not Fraud

Here’s How to Never See Another GoFundMe Page in Your Facebook Feed Ever Again

Trump Purple Heart

Not Fraud

Purple Heart Recipient Turns to GoFundMe to Send Trump to a War Zone

Send me back to Africa Gofundme

Not Fraud

Hey Racists, Here’s Your Chance to Send a Black Dude Back to Africa

Not Fraud

Bristol Palin’s Baby Daddy Would Like You to GoFund His Custody Battle

Miller girls Gofundme

News, Not Fraud

GoFundMe as the New Obituary: Is This How We Grieve Now?

OG KK Gofundme

Not Fraud

GoFundMe Removes Page for Alleged Gang Leader, Good Guy Rapper

Medora school Gofundme

Not Fraud

Broke School Districts Are Turning to GoFundMe to Keep Needed Programs Alive

Bree Olson GoFundMe

Not Fraud

GoFundMe Freezes Porn Star’s Rehab Funds Because Porn

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