Alleged GoFundMe Fraud, Fake Cancer

Colorado Woman Accused of Faking Bone Cancer, Stealing From Friends, and Generally Being an A*hole

Kristin Ashley Eagle mugshot

The GoFundMe page set up for Kristin Ashley Eagle is long gone, however a November 2015 post on Your Group Ride — a Fort Collins, Colorado-based hub for local cycling news and events — details the plea from Eagle’s friends.

Howdy folks. I’m here to ask for your help for a friend. Many, many people in the Fort Collins cycling community know Kristin and her unbelievable spirit. For those of us lucky enough to share a ride with her, we also know about her passion for mountain biking, her sense of humor (usually poking fun at herself) and her commitment to friendship. We also know about her battle with bone cancer, unfortunately.

For those who haven’t yet had the chance to meet Kristin or hear her story, she was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2009. At that time she was given roughly 4-6 months to live as the cancer had already metastasized to many parts of her body. Typical treatment programs were not recommended due to the advanced stage and it’s common with this type of cancer to refer patients to studies or alternate treatments. She joined a treatment program that is based almost solely on diet and exercise and was assigned to a team with a trainer. At this point, she had little to lose. Her exercise-method of choice was originally, road cycling but eventually switched to mountain biking due it’s more aggressive manner on bones. Based loosely on Wolff’s Law, putting strain on bones can help to remodel the bones to become stronger.

She is still with us, growing stronger, has managed to put cancer in remission from time to time, is having more fun on her mountain bike and has more friends than she could have ever imagined.

We all see the “happy-Kristin” out on her mountain bike, so it is often hard to remember what is actually going on inside her body. She bounces in and out of remission which is very traumatic on her body. At times full of energy, other times she finds it hard to get out of bed. Some days she wants to ride her bike for hours and other days you can tell there’s a painful struggle going on. While it’s an accomplishment to be surviving “with” her cancer, there can’t be a day that goes by where it’s not on her mind despite putting a smile on her face and pretending life is great.

The stress of fighting this unbelievable battle… I can’t even imagine what that is like. To have a collection of medical bills to worry about on top of it all… While there is no chemo or radiation involved, the endless blood tests, scans, doctor visits have added up… She sometimes even refuses check-up’s, screens, and doctor visits due to financial stress. I’ll let you try to imagine what that is like.

So, what am I asking for? What can you do to help?

I am asking for financial help to unburden her from some medical bills. She’s brought it down over the years from $275,000 but has hit her limits. This is the single biggest thing we can all do to help her right now. If you can donate $10… we thank you very much! If you can donate $50… we thank you very much! If you can donate $1500… we thank you very much! This is very much needed, and it will be very much appreciated. She and her family have battled for years and have done a tremendous job of fighting battle after battle after battle. I think it’s time we get her a big enough army to help her win one of these battles, and put her in a position to win even more!

Thank you!
With much love & support,
Kristin’s friends

Clearly, Eagle won the hearts of those around her with a tale of woe no one would wish on their worst enemy. Unfortunately, it turns out it was all a lie. Allegedly, I mean.

Kristin Ashley Eagle on Your Group Ride

Eagle was arrested this past Friday and booked into the Larimer County Jail on a $10,000 bond on theft, felony identity theft, felony charitable fraud, unauthorized use of financial transaction device and felony forgery charges.

In addition to (allegedly) pretending to have bone cancer to dupe friends into making a fake GoFundMe for her benefit and receiving approximately $20,000 from that and other fundraising efforts for nonexistent medical bills, Eagle is also accused of gaining access to friends’ bank accounts and draining them to the tune of $100,000. The investigation began in July 2017 after a man who believed Eagle was scamming contacted authorities.

Your Group Ride has an excellent timeline of Eagle’s activities, as well as an archived link to a now-defunct YouCaring campaign that raised a little over $2000.

Anyone who believes they were scammed by Eagle or with information to assist in her prosecution should contact investigator Jacki Hurley at 970-498-5166.


  1. I wonder how many have gotten away with it..
    When you have a heart for people you never imagine how many take advantage of kindness..

  2. I’m trying to do something about someone whose own sister is also involved. They have medicaid, so a “medical” campaign and posting they are going for mailorder stemcells and store bought RSO and switching their diagnosis around, etc. etc. Not counting the lovely post on Facebook of how they are thinking of their grown children and grandchildren, and images of them looking frail. Doesn’t mean they have the numerous things they’ve been diagnoses with and then misdiagnosed -malpractice suit with. Seems anytime I point out a flaw in their story, there is a new development or elaboration. (Google research perhaps.) Now I’m getting not only accused of various things but death threats. All in trying to expose the con artistS before the “miracle cure” that will bring people in droves with false hope in something that will NOT work because they don’t have what they claim online. Private investigator would be awesome and I’m not sure where to post my Native artifacts but if that will pay for them to be under surveiliance, I WILL. I’m so disgusted and using their grandchildren and children as bait to then watch people die after they start a retreat to take advantage of others is despicable. Why would someone on a mountain give firewood, fuel and water they need for their house? I lived there for about 4 yrs, in between his drama and death threats from his ex and ultimately me. Winter time is harsh, I know I paid for firewood and propane, including one of his ex’s, and a neighbor used to bring up firewood and gas when there was no way to get to town, others would help with the driveway or I was out with the shovels, especially when the septic froze, he doesn’t do anything for anyone unless he is going to get something out of it. EVER. It was a very horrible situation, still is, but to use your own grandchildren as bait for your alcoholism and drug addiction and then “miracle cure” and in another state in the dream house he calls “the paradise house” to destroy lives, just as carelessly as his nephew’s history of taking a life, is revolting.

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