The curious case of Tyler Tomer first unraveled before this website existed, so forgive me if we’re just catching up now that he’s been sentenced.

Tomer, of Wallingford, began to show signs of increased anger and headaches around May of 2014, at which point his girlfriend of two years was ready to break up with his angry ass. Just before she cut him out of her life, he told her he went to the doctor and was given six to nine months to live due to brain cancer. Moved by this news as any reasonable person would be, the girlfriend not only struck around but said she’d marry the poor guy.

Except Tomer never let her come with him to doctor appointments. And while he said his hair was falling out, the girlfriend said it was obvious he was shaving his head.

In the meantime, he netted $6,000 from a pasta dinner organized by his former high school, $10,461 from a charity golf tournament organized for his benefit, and $6,835 from a GoFundMe campaign in his name.

It all started falling apart in May of 2015 when Tomer was pulled over for a suspected DUI and told officers his body was “full of cancer.” Shortly after, a family member came forward and told cops Tomer was not full of cancer but rather quite full of shit.

In his defense, he was diagnosed with generalized non-convulsive epilepsy. Not cancer. Definitely not terminal cancer.

He was charged with first-degree larceny and first-degree larceny by defrauding a public community in February of this year. He told police at that time that “he needed money and things had gotten out of control.” No shit, bruh.

According to The Record-Journal, rather than the 40 years in prison he could have received for his actions, Tomer has entered a supervisory diversion program that will allow him to get off with only restitution if he can meet the conditions of the program. He has been ordered to pay $22,000 to cancer organizations, and will need to do 500 hours of community service with a cancer-related non-profit.