Alleged GoFundMe Fraud

Controversial GoFundMe Page for Murdered Louisville Teens Seems to Have Vanished

Louisville teens Gofundme

Early this week, we learned of a truly tragic story out of Louisville, KY. Teen brothers Larry Ordway and Maurice “Reese” Gordon Jr were found burned and stabbed in an alley this past Sunday. 25-year-old Brice Rhodes has been arrested in connection to the boys’ murder.

Here’s Rhodes in a music video with the boys, uploaded last summer.

Now, the case has gotten a lot of attention, not only due to the grisly nature of the crime but due to their mother’s odd behavior.

Here she is talking to local station WDRB.

WDRB 41 Louisville News

Many have taken it upon themselves to dissect her social media presence, which is filled with guns, gangs, and other questionable content, including the following post which has since been removed:

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 4.29.03 PM

On May 23, Wren hadn’t yet come forward to claim the boys’ bodies and was by all accounts blissfully unaware they were missing, much less dead.

Possibly due to the above post, folks had plenty to say about a GoFundMe page that popped up alleging to be for the boys’ funeral to the tune of $100k, however Wren told the local news she had nothing to do with the page and it disappeared shortly thereafter. Here’s an archived copy, including some of the critical comments.

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 12.36.26 PM

That page was set up by someone named Paige Antoinette, and didn’t appear to have any connection to the boys or their mother. Doesn’t matter now, though, as it’s vaporized.

I’ll leave you with this raw video from the WDRB interview with the boys’ mother. All I can say is… may they rest.

WDRB 41 Louisville News




  1. This is crazy but you can’t believe everything you hear alot of people are posting a lot of negativity damn the lady have lost her sons sad a lot of mother fuckers need to get they life.

    • gofraudme

      Did you see the raw video of her interview with the news? I don’t think she did herself any favors talking to the media.

      But you’re right — some of her FB posts had hundreds of REALLY nasty comments on them. I don’t blame her for hiding/deleting her page.

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