HEY GoFundMe, I thought this thing so rarely happens. Well look, here it is happening again!

12-year-old Jalinda Campbell died Friday after she was shot by a passing car while playing outside on her own porch. 3-year-old Kyleigh Graham was also shot, but is being treated at the hospital.

According to local ABC11, Jalinda’s father Gregory Harris’s “torment is doubled because someone set up a fake GoFundMe account which raised over $1800. His family will never see that money.”

“I can’t even imagine who would do something like that,” he told ABC11.

The campaign has since been removed — as often happens — but once again we have tracked down an archived copy which can be found here. Campaign owner “Nicole Smith” — who isn’t Facebook verified and, frankly, could be anyone at all — barely shat out a half-assed paragraph in the plea for $3000.

Police say 12-year-old Jalinda Campbell and 3-year-old Kyleigh Graham were on the front porch of a home when someone driving by started shooting. Campbell died at the hospital. Graham’s condition is stable, police said Saturday.

Donations to the families can be made at any First Bank branch until Nov. 9 in the name of “Southern Pines Shooting Victims Fund.”