Alleged GoFundMe Fraud

Detroit Cops Arrest Man for Fake GoFundMe Campaign, Find Pot and an Angry Mother Too

Kenneth Steil Gofundme

46-year-old Sergeant Kenneth Steil of the Detroit Police died this past Saturday after being shot by a suspect he was pursuing the week prior. It wasn’t long before the GoFundMe cockroaches came skittering out from under the fridge to capitalize on his death.

A mother and her two sons were arrested Wednesday over a GoFundMe campaign in the fallen officer’s name investigators say was put up without authorization.

“This is a despicable act of selfishness and greed,” said Commander Elvin Barren.

When officers arrived at the home of the suspected GoFundMe fraudster, they discovered a crop of what they believed to be illegal marijuana plants. “That’s why our narcotic unit is here already they discovered violations,” said Barren. “We have not seen paperwork that shows he is a licensed caregiver from that point we are going to collect his marijuana and continue the investigation.”

The suspect’s brother said the plants were perfectly legal due to his brother being a licensed caregiver. Police removed $43,000 worth of marijuana.

The suspect’s mother rushed to the scene and was later arrested after an officer claimed she attempted to run him over.

The suspect’s father says this is all one big understanding. “(The account was set up) to get money and he was going to give it to the family of the deceased,” he said.

Police say the name used on the GoFundMe campaign — Akbar Mohammed — is linked to other phony campaigns.

“This person also has GoFundMe accounts for other sources like military veterans and whatnot,” Barren said. “Those will be investigated as well to see if he collected money and did he distribute that money under pretenses of military personnel.”

Those potentially associated campaigns have since been removed from GoFundMe, but we found a cache of one seeking to raise $10 million to put veterans to work. The campaign owner claims to be an Army veteran and full-time student.

Akbar Muhammed Gofundme

In another, the man identified himself as Walter Kelly aka Akbar Muhammed, and proposed some kind of pyramid scheme via GoFundMe. That campaign has also been removed, but here is a saved cache.

Walter Kelly gofundme

That’s not all. If we follow his YouTube channel, we find he also had up a campaign called “Hellcats for Hellraisers” asking $100k for a personal car. That campaign is still live, but likely not for long. Here’s a cache for posterity.

Walter Kelly gofundme

In another campaign, he’s asking for $100k again but this time to buy Camaros for veterans. Insert strong eyeroll here. That campaign, too, is still up, but not for long we’re sure. Oh look, here’s a cache.

Walter Kelly gofundme


The campaign for Sergeant Steil has been removed, but a printout can be seen below.

Kenneth Steil Gofundme

(Pic via Local 4)

Another GoFundMe campaign for Kenneth Steil of unknown relation has also been removed.

Kenneth Steil Gofundme

See more via Fox 2:



  1. Walter Kelly

    this is what alleged fraud looks like, not asking and informing what your purpose is and being singled out because of racial profiling related to a muslim pseudonym or backlash from a state that failed to provide medical care for their own officer in time of need for an injury he received in the line of duty…. when did it become a crime to want to help other people and have other people help you? I mean just go arrest every Homeless person you see on the street asking for money, every charity you know asking for money, every person who steps up to help an officer in need, every person who steps into save someone from a burning vehicle, every person who stops and starts CPR on a random strangers in an effort to save their life, go arrest the guy who raised over $300k and a new car for a man he didnt know or get permission from who walked 20 miles to work everyday…. mind you I have a history of helping people with no intent for reciprocation and no criminal history whatsoever! In addition I spent 7 of my years in the medical field helping people of all ages and backgrounds, while putting my life at risk during two wars, and harsh living conditions! This post you have made is downright filled with libel and not only unfair but utterly irresponsible! And it has caused harm to me and my family!

    • Hey Walter,

      I just re-read the post, there’s nothing in there from me that’s libelous, I simply shared your other campaigns and comments from the police. That said, if you’d like to tell your side of the story, get in touch and I’d be happy to do a follow-up.

  2. Walter Kelly

    I do see that as well, yet your accountability is of the same accord, for you have so sought to issue a statement which exploits and capitalizes per this issue, not entirely by your own primary hand, but by the accusations of another…. such makes you just as responsible for further defamation based from biased and unfactual statements. Some of which you have taken the liberty to specify in your own terms and your own perspective. As a “journalist” it is our job to facilitate information as unbiased, researched, and impartial as much as possible, as to due no harm and report the facts and not our opinions for our audience to be well informed.

  3. Walter Kelly

    These are bold face lies! All based from racial profiling and the “Fear Campaign”! All spread against Muslims since Sept 11, 2001! What they don’t tell you is the Campaign was to raise funds for SGT Kenneth Steil’s Family because they had no burial or medical insurance, that his family would inherit his bills from an injury he received in the line of duty, while he didn’t have insurance and still did his job! That because of the city and state filing for bankruptcy and didn’t include him in their Retroactive Michigan House bill, he wasn’t covered by the system he swore an oath to serve! That the Campaign made was to support Sergeant Kenneth Steil’s family financially because they had lost their main source of financial income and were to inherit these same medical and burial bills, and financial support for at least 20 years for a Husband and Father!

    That the campaign organizer has no criminal history, has never been arrested, has 7 years of Honorable service in the US Active Army! That he was enlisted during two wars: Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom! That he was a Sergeant just like Sergeant Kenneth Steil! That the campaign organizer declined promotion to become a Staff Sergeant to preserve the integrity and welfare of his section and soldiers! That the campaign organizer was medically separated from the US Army! That the campaign organizer has a Civilian Citation from the Chief of the Detroit Fire Department for saving a persons life! That that same person could have been any one of you or your family members that he saved!

    That the campaign organizer didn’t use his name because he didn’t want the fame, and only to help the family without publicity! That the campaign organizer contacted the DETROIT POLICE Department, other local media, and a personal friend whom he has known for 15 years, who is in fact a Detroit Police Officer! That he did this all to show his support and spread awareness!

    That the campain organizer donated $100 dollars of his personal money, and contacted gofundme with specific information and a Captain at the Michigan State Police Department to verify his Honorable intentions!

    That the Marijuana stolen from the home was legal and registered with the State of Michigan! That every firearm taken out of the home was purchased legally and registered! That both brothers are in school working to get into Medical School to become Doctors! That the campaign organizer has a scholarship to a private University here in Detroit to become a Physician Assistant! That their friend is a local known success who was shot and nearly died, and survived to become a Surgeon in the same hospital that saved his life!

    That the campaign organizer hasn’t lived at the home in over 9 years due to Military Service! That he just Graduated College and received his Associates Degree, the month before this scandal!

    That no officer was hit, almost hit, had to run, tuck n roll, dive, jump, evade, teleport, be beamed up by Scotty, or use instant transmission to get out of the way of the vehicle his mother was driving! That his mother hasn’t lived in the home in over 9 years! That his mother has owned and operated a successful and well known business in the heart of Downtown Detroit for over 20 years! That her son has a friend of 15 years who is in fact a Detroit Police Department Officer!

    That the campaign organizer actually contacted the Detroit Police Department the year prior to get a job and send in his resume! That the campaign organizer sent in his application for Special Forces in the US Army! That the campaign organizer tried to attend school in California to become a Swat Team Medic!

    That the Detroit Police Department maliciously destroyed a Licensed Medical Marijuana Grow Operation, for a licensed grower who is studying to become a Medical Doctor! That there were signs posted, placards posted, licenses displayed, and the licensed grower on site reiterating that it was all legal!

    That the actual posting to the Campaign was not the correct version and was only the rough draft!

    From: kellyw88vet
    To: GoFundMe
    Date: Sep 19, 2016, 3:17 PM

    For our brothers in blue! The DPD is truly beloved and well organized! For this fine officer to be cut down while serving his community in the finest of manners while leaving his loved ones alone is truly a dishartening event. Let’s show our support for Sergeant Steil and his family! Donate today so that his family can continue to grow and strive to be the pillar of excellence in which their father has displayed!

    For the record , I am not related to the deceased nor his family. Yet I am a concerned citizen whom resides in the city in which he was assigned. And for the purpose of this campaign, it is to facilitate a gross fund for his children and wife to replace the loss of financial income and support in the amount of $50,000 over the course of the next 20 years, totalling to the campaign fund goal of $1,000,000. To be clear, all proceeds from this campaign will be donated to his immediate family.

    “I Walter Kelly, AKA, Akbar Muhammed confirm that all content on my GoFundMe site is 100% true and accurate, and I am in no way attempting to mislead or defraud any of my site’s visitors.”

    Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device

    This was issued to gofundme 2 days before the issue of the warrant, to verify the legitimacy of the campaign and they are highly cooperative with the Police Department…. and with so many other campaigns made without consent like the 20 miles man who walked to work everyday, and the recently disabled boy who was kidnapped and tortured…. am I to belive that this wasn’t based from the Muslim name! And this was also posted to the campaign website, but noone shared this with anyone…

    That the story that you have been told by the Detroit Police Department and the news media is ironically a “Fraud”! That what is being told now is the story that you were not informed! That these are the truths that were suppressed, to feed you lies to keep you in fear!

    For it is said, ” An Injustice Anywhere is A Threat To Justice Everywhere”


  4. Walter Kelly

    A possible two year enlistment, $40k job, $10k Ranger, $20k quick ship, $10k airborne… $80k bonus money not to include regular pay checks every month, and 36 months scholarship and rent payments up to $4k per month… this was the norm when I was in, and I did 7 years, and then 2 years school, with a medical compensation and separation check….. and to think someone thought I needed to steal anything from anyone?! let alone a cop that died and was being plastered over the news, and I tried to make money off of him????…. Come on! There’s no way someone thought I was that stupid, or someone must have been just that stupid to think I was stupid enough to do something like that….


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