Meet Miriam Defensor-Santiago. She’s a senator from the Philippines who was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in 2014.

Miriam Defensor-Santiago
‘Now, meet “Rose Miller.” LOL, real original there, “Rose.”

Rose Miller Facebook page

Rose Miller huh? Gee, that name sounds so familiar. I wonder where I’ve heard it before…

Rose Miller We're the Millers

Rose Miller — or whatever the hell his or her name is — was really enthusiastic about sharing this campaign on Facebook. And by enthusiastic, we mean it was the only thing on his or her very new page.

Hope for my daughter fake GoFundMe

The GoFundMe campaign with a $22k goal reads:

My Daughter Ann has been in a Coma For a Period of time . due to Really bad reoccurring Seizures She is 32 Years old With 2 beautiful daughters to Whom She is a Single Parent to. Kimberly (4) and Lilly (6) it has been So Overwhelming for Me and Our family With all the Medical bills And The Needs of the Children I Just haven’t been Able to do on My Own own I have So Much faith And hope I’m God that he Will Soon heal My daughter . I thank the doctor’s Who Been doing their best With her . i Will keep You Guys Posted on My daughter’s Progress as Much as Possible .

Oh that’s terrible, just terrible. Except the photo used in the campaign was very easily discovered by reverse image search to be that of Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago. Oops.

Senator Santiago

And again:

fake GoFundMe reverse image

Hahaha, you twit.

Within minutes of posting the phony campaign on our Facebook page, it disappeared from GoFundMe. Here’s an archived copy for posterity.

Doing a bang-up job keeping your platform safe as always, GoFundMe. I’m serious about sending you an invoice for the work I do tracking this shit down… I think 7.9% of the goal amount is fair no?