Alleged GoFundMe Fraud

‘Dying’ Dad Tells Scamming Son to Knock It Off With This Fake GoFundMe Campaign

Imagine your surprise if you were just going about your day and discovered that your estranged son put up a GoFundMe campaign asking for $5k so he could be closer to his dying dad? That’s exactly what happened to Jack Ament Jr — who says he’s ‘old’ but otherwise alive and well and definitely not dying — and he says he’d like to see his son prosecuted for it.

In the plea (which, by the way, is still live on GoFundMe), son Zach Ament writes:

My dad is dying and has not long left to live I am trying to raise the money to go see him and to help pay for hospital bills I am in Wisconsin and he is in Arkansas please help for the cause he is the only one I have left in my family and I wish to see him before he goes

As these things are wont to do, we’ve saved an archived copy of the campaign here just in case it magically goes buh bye.

Having only recently discovered the fake campaign, Jack writes on Facebook:

If I have my way, Zack will be going to jail for fraud. We just found out about this today, even though he created it a month ago. PLEASE DO NOT CONTRIBUTE TO THIS FUND, IT IS A FRAUDULENT CLAIM.

Jack tells us he recently received a call from Zach asking for a few bucks to get to Arkansas from Wisconsin, however Zach made no mention of the GoFundMe page started in his father’s name. Jack also says he did recently go into the hospital, but it was just a ‘valve thing’ and he’s doing much better.

Though he now has his son blocked, it’s worth leaving this little exchange here.

Zach Ament Gofundme

While disappointed to see his son trying to profit off of his imaginary pending death (aren’t we all technically on our way to death in one way or another?), Jack didn’t seem that surprised by his son’s actions either. “He’s always trying to scam people,” he said.

As far as he knows, this is Zach’s first GoFundMe campaign. And hopefully his last.