So, the prestigious title of “Most Hated Woman on GoFundMe” has — up until now — belonged to one Kristin McBride of Tyrone, PA since June, but it seems as though she has just been overthrown in the most epic of ways.

Before we get to that, we might need to catch you up on the story of Kala Brown and Charlie Carver. They’d been missing since August 31, and for awhile everyone got creeped the hell out by bizarre posts on Charlie’s Facebook page that some thought came from his ‘ex-wife’ Nichole. As it turns out, Nichole and Charlie weren’t actually divorced, and angry internet pitchfork-wielders attribute the comment in the following screenshot to Nichole. They say she’d been using her maiden name on Facebook until Charlie’s body was found, at which point she switched back to Carver.

Nichole Carver missing husband

Oh wait, yeah, we missed a part there. Kala and Charlie are no longer missing; Kala was recently found chained up in a storage container on a 95 acre property in Spartanburg, SC while poor Charlie was found dead.

So, cue a GoFundMe campaign from Charlie’s dear ole soon-to-be ex-wife asking for $20k to bury him. That campaign has since been removed, but you know damn well I saved an archived copy.

Charlie Carver Gofundme

The worst part isn’t that she was asking for all that money, nor that she spelled Charlie’s name wrong. Nope. The worst part was the comments, and by worst I mean an absolute shitstorm of hate raining down upon Nichole.

There are 82 of them, but in the interest of brevity — since most of them repeat the same theme of “fuck you, you opportunistic piece of shit” — I will share just a couple.

Nichole Carver Gofundme nichole-gfm-comments-3 nichole-gfm-comments

Another GoFundMe campaign started by a family friend when the couple was still missing for the purpose of reward money has been closed to donations.

Since his is a HUGE story and since people can often be such giant raging assholes, we recommend exercising extreme caution in donating to any campaigns purporting to benefit Kala or Charlie’s family until such time as an official statement is made.

As for Nichole, she hasn’t yet gone into hiding.