Alleged GoFundMe Fraud

Daughter Accused of Stealing Her Mother’s Funeral Funds By Estranged Uncle

Melissa Alvarez Gofundme

As much as we hate making a ‘story’ out of he-said-she-said Facebook drama, we can’t help but share this story as it goes to show that sometimes you can’t even trust your own family to do the right thing. At least, that’s what David Wilson is accusing his niece of failing to do.

He writes:

To all those the friends and family of Melissa Wilson / Alvarez who donated to help get Melissa laid to rest – her own daughter Starr Alvarez did not go pay the balance to get her processed for a funeral has kept the money and dodged calls to do so has left her to the state to be disposed.

After all the time, days and arguing with the state to help that I David her brother put in to get her help. The state has a process which I could not an had no control of, but pleaded for the morg [sic] to work with me not to dispose of her. In which they did give more time, but Starr would not get back in touch with me or Tyler her cousin to do her part since she had control of the money donated to do so from you all who donated.

She had her dad Conrad Alvarez contact us because she did not want to talk to us which was at the deadline in which he said to let him handle her and he would make sure shed do so I guess never did.

Im so upset that my sister after all the bs i had to go through did not get a proper laying to rest to be with her sister and mother.

Pass this along! Its not over, she committed fraud and the GoFundMe page will help me prosecute. Sorry she is greedy and only thought of herself, action Will be taken for my sister.

We have reached out to David for comment, and will update if and when we are able to touch base with him.

Starr’s GoFundMe page is still up, although it has been closed to new donations. We have also saved an archived copy of the campaign here, because you know those sneaky GoFundMe pages have the funniest tendency to just disappear sometimes.

In her plea for $800 (of which she raised $675), Starr writes:

“I’m looking to raise money for the funeral cost for my mother. She passed away last night, May 3rd. It costs a lot to be cremated and while working and still going to school I can’t come up with how much it costs. She didn’t have much family, and the family she did have doesn’t have much money either! I know times are rough but every little bit counts.”

Here we go again with the GoFundMe page slapped up before the body is even cold. Listen, we got into a really heated discussion about this last time I dared to question how appropriate it is to immediately turn to GoFundMe when a loved one dies but you know what? Someone has to ask those questions. And this — if David’s allegations are true — is why we ask them.

Moving on, this story wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t pass along another relevant GoFundMe page, the one started by David Wilson on May 3 — the same day as Starr fired up hers.

Melissa Wilson Gofundme page

In his plea for $3000, he writes:

“In the past 6yrs I’ve lost my mother, other sister (Melissa’s twin), girlfriend and a couple friends lost to cancer and whatnot.

Melissa has two daughters, Starr Alvarez 18 on the 23rd and Hailey Mae Livley/Casper that just turned 10. Both lost to the system since Melinda’s death in 2012.

I lost a lot that year, far as my heart!
Anyway, Melissa was on disability, no insurance – so no help. I’m still dealing with my own cancers and health. My brother is blind in one eye on SSI himself too!

Tyler Hartley 17 , Melinda’s son is all family I have and mostly no contact. Melissa an Melinda’s Dad is not my father, and theirs has not been in their life really, so its me to make sure my baby sister is properly taken care of and put with my mother and sister which I have them both in a angel yurn.

I live hour an half north, my brother lives in Monroe, she is in Lincoln Park. Kids and some friends live in Downriver area, but rest of kin (distant family) all in Genesee county.

And I don’t have a vehicle at this time, so I have to pay to get where I’m going to need to go. I ask the Lord to please help and this idea was given to me! 🙂 God is good and willing he’ll bring it together I pray.

Its hard to ask for help, but then I’m reminded as a christian to ask and recieveth through the Lord Jesus. I’ll be forever in dented to those who help! I can’t let her just pass in vain, she would of made sure I got properly done too I’d like to think. She an I did it for our mother and sister, even some friends too.

I hope she has some friends out their to help even. Contact GoFundMe for any questions. If can give some guidance may help too, I feel so lost in emotion.

Pray for me strength dealing with this terrible loss, now both sisters that I help raise with mom when young. They were my Doublement Twins, lol, my baby girls-now both gone. I pray her soul was right before God. Just sad, I didn’t get to tell her I forgave her! It hurts! :(”

Once again, here is an archived copy of that GoFundMe page just in case it up and disappears of the ole internets.

So what do you think? A case of GoFundMe jealousy? Definite fraud? Hell, for all we know Melissa Wilson never existed at all and this is just some hot scammer-on-scammer action. Given that David himself admits he hadn’t spoken to his sister for at least a year before she died, perhaps it’s just a case of misunderstanding and disconnected relatives trying to figure out whose job it is to bury their loved one.

*makes popcorn*


  1. Sadielady

    In my opinion, this money was never intended to be used for the funeral. My reasoning for this goes back to when my mom passed away. She did not want a funeral and wanted the cheapest options done as in our case she wanted the money to instead be used to take care of my handicapped brother. The girl above says this is for cremation and a funeral. We had the help of hospice is quite in the know with funeral homes. For my mom, she was cremated in just a regular cardboard price and that was $795. It was $250 for the funeral home to pick up her body from her house. In addition to that, either you must at least buy a plot of land for the cremation or an urn. We chose the urn as that was obviously cheaper. We got a pretty marble one and I think that was $375 after having her name, date of death, footprints in the sand poem and a flower engraved on it. We got some extra stuff like I paid $275 for a teardrop pendent with her ashes in it to wear on a necklace and then there was the obituaries. For the Florida paper it cost over $1,000 and it was not long. New Hampshire, where we were originally from, we did two papers and it was about $275 for each of those. Then you pay for death certificates and other random things. So for the most basic death services without a funeral, viewing etc we paid ALOT more then $800. The reason I say this is her first statement indicates this was for a funeral. $800 would never have covered all the costs. I think by setting a low goal, that would be more reasonable then the correct goal of like $5,000 at least for a funeral. Also I just have to say, who the fuck does this to their mother? This girl disgusts me that she would let her mother rot in a funeral home refrigerator. I hope she gets charged. Pure trash is what she is.

  2. Lisa

    As I can’t sleep I thought about looking up one of my best friends from high school that I lost touch with several several years ago! I found her on a family history site and it sadden me as it said deceased ! Further research led me to you’re article on this family ! I was friends with Melinda Wilson who was Melissa’s twin ! It saddens me that they both have passed away ! I looked at their half brother Davids page and then Starrs page ! David has photos of Melinda and melissa ! They are real people ! I remember them talking about David as well and I have also met their father that at the time when I met him lived in flint ! It saddens me either way that there is possible fraud . Melinda and Melissa lived a hard life thinking about it now ! In fact I don’t have many things good to say as I’m sure there were addition issues along with others . I’m responding to this because they are real people ! I don’t know if they are dead as I couldn’t find the obituary on either one of them ! It’s in gods hands

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