Family of Boy Killed in Car Crash ‘Stunned’ by GoFundMe Campaign For Teen Who Killed Him

Abigail McGaha Gofundme

A tipster sent in this campaign the other day, however we sat on it mostly because we needed time to process the sheer mass of balls required to put up such a fundraiser.

Before we get to the GoFundMe campaign that has outraged the family of the teen killed in a car wreck, let’s get to the back story. In October of 2015, then 17-year-old Abby McGaha of Charlotte, NC was charged with involuntary manslaughter after the SUV she was driving at 70 to 100 MPH in a 35 MPH zone hit a tree. Alexander Mundt, a high school student from New Mexico, was in the back seat and died at the scene. She later pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of misdemeanor death by vehicle.

McGaha was sentenced to 10 days in jail, 24 months of probation, 100 hours of community service, as well as issued a six month driver’s license suspension.

Now, on January 2, McGaha’s dad put up a GoFundMe campaign with a goal of $75,000 to help his family pay off a civil settlement with the deceased boy’s family. Yes, you read that correctly. Dad wants other people to pay for his daughter’s actions.

He writes:

Dear family and friends, I am reaching out to you on the behalf of myself and our family to ask for your help in our time of need.  As many of you know, our lives were rocked by tragedy on October 25th of 2015 when Abby had her car accident and we lost an amazing young man and friend, Alex Mundt.  We have been slowly trying to recuperate (if that is even possible) and put the pieces back together.  We have been overwhelmed throughout this entire process by the love and support that our family, friends, local lacrosse community, and the Myers Park community have provided us.  For this reason, the following request seems unfair and is an incredibly difficulty thing for us to request, but are out of options.

So, the following request is “unfair” and yet he makes it anyway. Mmkay.

He continues:

Except for serving the remainder of her probation, Abby’s criminal legal battle is pretty much behind us.  But the civil battle remains with Alex’s family.  In an effort to avoid a civil lawsuit, we have settled with Alex’s family.  This obviously has placed a great financial burden upon us, and we have utilized money that we had been saving for years.   In addition to the legal fees from both the criminal and civil cases, we are also faced with medical bills from the accident, as well as Nick’s recent knee surgery.  The second portion of an established payment is due to Alex’s family in February.  The first payment was made in November.  We are establishing a Go Fund Me for this purpose.

What a lesson to teach their daughter. Listen, sweetheart, we know you killed your friend due to negligence on your part but instead of working toward fulfilling your financial obligation to his family, let’s just put up a GoFundMe and make everyone else pay for it. Hang on, let me write a sob story right quick. Alright, done!

Local WSOC reached out to Alex Mundt’s family regarding the GoFundMe campaign, and it seems they didn’t even know about it.

“I’m stunned that they would do such a thing,” said father Mike Mundt. “I can’t imagine what all was involved in the case and then a civil settlement afterwards, but those are natural consequences of crime and to ask the community to pay for the consequences of crime is incredulous to me.”

The McGahas’ GoFundMe campaign has raised nearly $5k as of press time.


  1. Kristin Olsson

    How disgusting! Apparently all Abby has learned from this is to cyber beg to settle a civil lawsuit, a settlement that is incredibly small considering that a young man lost his life. She should have suffered far worse consequences.

  2. Matt Bartley

    Sad…..and an “Abuse” of many different aspects of the complete tragedy in my opinion. Society has already lost the life of the young man and this will do nothing in the healing of all involved.

  3. Alexandria Winton

    Hello, I am sorry but maybe for once you should pull your head out of your asses and maybe do some RESEARCH before you go posting about a MINOR girl who made a MISTAKE not online people you know in your everyday life, only hers ended up in the loss of a life whom she CHERISHED and probably feels for more than you SPECTATORS can comment on. SECOND the 75,000 doesn’t even begin to cover what they have to pay and Abby is responsible for all the payments after she graduates college which s EIGHT years worth of payments. The parents of that and knew damn well what the details of the case and civil suit entailed because THEY SPEARHEADED IT. And to say that she has learned nothing or should suffer further consequences is BULLSHIT considering what this young girl has had to go through to try to rebuild her life and cope with knowing that she is the reason her BOYFRIEND died.

    • grace

      dumb . bitch .

    • Jim Wetzel

      So you are ok with people spending their hard earned money to pay off the debt of a person who was negligent, broke the law and killed someone? Who gives a shit how long it takes her to pay it off, she has her whole life, but she took someone else’s from them. I am wondering if she had been sentenced to jail or prison if she would be begging people to serve her time for her. I wonder how many times she has actually admitted her responsibility for her actions that KILLED someone. Sounds to me like she is a spoiled little brat that has never had to account for her bad doings one day of her life. Her dumb ass parents are to blame for that.

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