Alleged GoFundMe Fraud

Family of Motorcyclist Who Died in Memorial Day Crash Alleges GoFundMe Fraud in ‘Funeral Fund’

Denver Gofundme fraud

This past Memorial Day, 22-year-old Justin “JJ” Owens ran a red light and later died from his injuries. Friends and family were more than happy to donate to a GoFundMe page for Owens started by Justin Racine, a high school friend.

But Owens’ mother says the family never saw the money.

7News Denver reports:

“I have not received any of this money or seen Justin Racine since the night after my son’s accident and death,” said Carol Owens, JJ Owens’ mother.

Carol Owens said GoFundMe records showed Racine withdrew money from the account several times, receiving more than $3,200.

“It was very easy for him to set up this bogus account with GoFundMe and then be able to take all the grieving friends’ money, not to mention the grieving parents.”

Racine claims that he put the money under a friend’s doormat before he left for Europe.