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[UPDATED] Fat Guy Across America Gives Up on GoFundMe, Will Still Happily Take Your Money

Fat Guy Across America

Ed. note: Since publication of this article, Eric Hites aka Fat Guy Across America has reopened his GoFundMe campaign to accept donations. He continues to request that followers donate to PayPal directly.

Concerned folks from around the world have been pestering us pretty much non-stop since the GoFraudMe Facebook page was born to cover this Fat Guy Across America dude. In case you don’t know, Eric Hites is — as he self-describes — a fat guy who wanted to win his wife back by biking across America.

In June of last year, Hites slapped up a GoFundMe page seeking $20k to support him in this journey.

Here’s what he wrote:

“All of my life I dreamt of having that one life-changing adventure that would set me on a course to achieve an extraordinary life. Now I’m doing it, and I want you to join me! I will be bicycling across America – traveling east coast to west coast — on a quest to rebuild my marriage and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Throughout the trip, I plan to visit interesting locations and to meet up with some amazing people. Along the way, I’ll be sharing all of the excitement, as well as the bumps in the road with my supporters through blogging and posting about my experience. The road will have it ups and downs, but together we’ll get there.”

So far so good, right? Well, maybe not.

Critics of Fat Guy say he sure has a lot of time on his hands to delete comments from his Facebook page when he’s supposed to be out there biking. And about that biking? Yeah, he’s not really making it across America. I mean, eventually.

Dr Phil grilled Fat Guy earlier this year and let’s just say it didn’t go well.

According to Fat Guy, he started out at 567 pounds and is down to 480 pounds as of April 2016. You’ll note that he claimed to have lost 60 pounds in the first two weeks of his journey.

Critics say Fat Guy seems to eat a lot of junk food and laze around in motels quite a bit for someone who is supposedly on a cross-country journey to get healthy. Some, like this random dude on Facebook, basically tell him he’s full of shit to his face (if virtually).

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 9.19.13 PM

One of Eric’s supporters — who also happens to follow us on Facebook — had the following to say in defense of Hites’ troubled journey:

“My view is he has put himself out there. He updates. He can take 10 years if he wants. If people want to contribute they can. He never has lied about the journey and his troubles. Like I said not well planned out but it is his journey and if people are not happy do not follow him.”

And that is certainly true, as he calls himself Fat Guy Across America not Fat Guy Across America in a Reasonable Amount of Time or Fat Guy Hustling Across America Quickly.

Now, back to the topic at hand, which is not Fat Guy nor his excessively slow journey but GoFundMe. In his final update to the Fat Guy GoFundMe page before closing it for donations, he cites harassment as his motivation for wrapping up the fundraiser.

Fat Guy Across America Gofundme

Is Fat Guy Across America a fraud? As stated above, he is technically making his way across America, albeit slowly. According to Strava, he’s logged 769.5 miles this year so far.

It’s entirely possible he’s using the money for cigarettes and Twinkies, but it’s also possible that this unemployed, unhealthy Fat Guy is spending it on Motel 6 rooms and sturdy bike seats. Shit, it’s GoFundMe, he could be using the money for cocaine and deep fried banana and bacon sandwiches for all we know. Isn’t that the entire point of GoFundMe?

Any thoughts, feelings, experiences, and/or fond memories of Fat Guy welcome in the comments. Please refrain from fat shaming as this is a safe space, you thin privilege shitlords! Just kidding, do whatever the hell you want.


  1. Kat

    I’m afraid this post overlooks many elements of the scam. That “mission statement” has changed significantly from the beginning and still differs greatly from the story he tells the media to solicit donations. He went viral and got donations because he was going to do an extraordinary task, not because people wanted to fund a fat man’s dream vacation, cigarettes and buffets. He is not actually riding across the country, which is what he sold the public on and continues to claim. An examination of his SPOT data shows large mileage gaps between start and stop locations and he “makes up miles” that he skips, but not on Strava. Anyway, he lies often, rides rarely, and manufactures drama to drum up donations. He has always been a freeloader, a liar and a scammer and along with his wife, even ran a cancer fundraiser that they lied about on Dr. Phil. After the show, Dr. Phil said bluntly that Mr. Hites was not making a good-faith effort to ride across the country and later stated that he is running a scam. Hundreds of people have noticed the discrepancies, excuses and vague, shifting mission statement that all signal he is, in fact, deceiving people to get donations for his vacation.

  2. Chris

    The truth is out there in a few spots. Just take an hour to read through it. Gomi would be a good place. They are cons through and through. His brother will verify every single lie. They’re grown adults, living in a 30 year old RV bought by his parents and they beg for money daily. He averages about 30 miles a week and then doesn’t ride for days to weeks due to some made up drama.

  3. jayfair

    I saw a post by a guy who said that Hites used his identity on the Fat Guy gofundme site. He accused Hites of identity theft and filed a complaint. Hites gofundme account was suspended because of it. Hites was able to remove the fraudulent data and have his gofundme reinstated.

    So you have to be very very skeptical when Eric says he’s being harassed. That fiasco was his own doing. Most of his “hater” drama is made up or exaggerated to garner sympathy and to shift attention away of the fact that he is barely riding and hasn’t lost any weight.

    He is still raising money using paypal.

  4. Hydra

    He lies. He lies about his weight constantly. Then suddenly says losing weight is not a major goal.

    He said he switched to e-cigs, but later said he smokes a half pack a day.

    He said he was eating 1200-1500 calories a day for weeks. Also utter lies as many have caught him talking about chocolate milk and other “add-ons” to give him “energy”. No wonder he loses nothing.

    He lied constantly about camping. 90% of his overnights have been at hotels before he bought the RV they are in now.

    He started out as an inspiration. Now he is basically telling obese people weightloss is impossible. His wife spends her days spreading the worst kinds of weightloss stupidity after losing 10lb in a YEAR……

  5. Barb

    Hahaha — thin privilege shitlords. So good I will use that. I thought it was a quaint story and hoped this hapless life long dope would make it but I thought it would last just a few weeks. Now I am solidly in the “he is a grifter camp”. I think your post is fair and balanced. If people want to support this couple given how little he has accomplished towards any improvement in health then it’s their own damn fault for donating. They should know he spends their money on cigarettes, energy drinks like red bull, casinos, junk food, hotels and entertainment. Maybe laundry every few months. If his heart explodes on a hill in the heat since the dude is not losing weight those donors can hold themselves to account.

  6. afriendinneedindeed

    And no one knows what he really weighs. He says he weighs 480 now, but the “weigh in” he videoed showed the number on the scale bouncing between over 500 and into the 300’s before it settled on 480. My scale doesn’t do that! It stays somewhere in the vicinity of what I actually weigh. Anyway, it looked pretty fishy and the speculation is that he was holding onto something until he saw a number he wanted. And he keeps posting photos of his face only so the carebears will compliment him on how thin his face looks. Meanwhile, recent photos show he looks just as fat if not fatter than he did a few months ago.

    • Hydra

      It is now months and months later. His last weigh-in, several weeks ago, was about 480lbs. So, he has spent the last years losing and gaining the same 20lbs over and over again.

  7. Eric can suck it

    I used to think he was just some hopeless schlub who was actually trying to better himself, but soon learned that he’s not only not losing weight, he’s also cheating by skipping 30 miles at a time. He himself admits to it, claiming that since he rode 30 miles around town (highly doubtful) that he “banked” those extra miles which justifies him driving ahead in the RV. Any way you look at it, that’s cheating. He’s likely cheating at calories, too, since it’s obvious he’s not losing a pound. If the reports of him drinking chocolate milk (filled with sugar, which he doesn’t need), energy drinks (bad for someone who’s morbidly obese), and smoking (bad for anyone, but especially someone who’s morbidly obese) are true, he’s likely still gaining weight and I wouldn’t be surprised if this ends with him having a heart attack along the way. Probably not while riding, probably in the RV since that’s where he spends 90% of his time.

  8. TheDelusionTrain

    Reddit is a better resource than GOMI because there are standalone posts as opposed to having to wade through over 700 pages of conversations. Here are some posts that are particularly relevant, for anyone wanting an overview of the Grift Across America so far.

    Eric lying about having an XBox in the RV:

    Justification for wormtrails padding his mile totals:

    Angie bought a bike using Eric’s GFM money:

    Eric & Angie bought a replacement bike after she wrecked the first one with the RV, and they lied and said it was $30 on craiglist:

    Then Angie’s 2nd bike was “stolen”:
    (Note: Eric had posted a photo of his bike on the OUTSIDE of the rack, after picking it up from the bike shop that day. The “Angie’s bike was stolen because it was the last one put on the rack” claim was a lie. They likely pawned it.)

    Girl Scouts donated to FGAA and he spends funds on cigarettes, casinos and hotels:

    Eric compares haters to Hitler:

    Eric completely faked an entire 20 mile ride, and revealed the lie by posting facebook comments when he was supposed to be miles from his phone:

    Eric justifies not spending any of the $20,000 on his own bike gear or maintenance:

    Angie claims that any expectation of Eric fulfilling his promises is the same as “slavery”:

    Personal Trainer Foods dumped Eric & Angie – after donating hundreds of dollars worth of meals – when it became clear they refused to comply with the rules of the food plan:

    The similarities between FGAA and “Fat Man Walking”:

    Examples of dozens of items and services, to the value of thousands of dollars, grifted by Eric in the first 10 months of his “journey”:

    Eric’s explanation why the recommendations of modern medicine don’t apply to him (AKA “I don’t need a CPAP even though I have apnea”):

    Eric says “I will eat whatever I want when I want”:

    Eric claims his phone is broken, then posts a photo from a time he couldn’t possibly have taken one, then lies about how he got the photo (this crap is particularly indicative of how his unnecessary, kneejerk lying leads to further lies. It happens on a daily basis):

    An example of how Eric rounds up his riding achievements constantly:

    Chilling comparisons between Eric’s behaviour and traits found in Passive-Aggressive Narccisists:

    A photo showing Eric’s delight at being in proximity to reality TV stars, even though he *drove* there. By lying about his calorie intake, weightloss, and miles, he robs himself of the feeling of genuine achievement, and relies instead of hollow glory:

    Apparently the sermon at Duck Commander’s church went completely over E&A’s heads (check out the linked image in the comments too):

    The kind of relentless begging Eric engages in on a regular basis, summed up in one thread:

    Eric is still smoking heavily, a year into his “cycling for love and physical change” journey:


    If anyone can actually read through all of those and still believe Eric’s motivations are authentic, I have a plot of land on the Moon I’d like to sell you.

  9. .

    Someone posted the link to this page on his FB today and he’s obviously still in bed (after a late night at the casino) because it’s still there.

  10. Makes me sad.

    I really want him to succeed but he hasn’t been very honest about things. He said there would be weekly weigh-ins but that hasn’t happened. He said he would ride 100 mile weeks but that hardly ever happens. His wife said he was sneaking additional food when he was supposed to be on a strict diet plan. If he would get serious about biking, stop begging and (most importantly) be honest about things I would happily cheer for him. Right now it seems that he is taking financial advantage of good people who are being conned out of their money. That’s an awful thing to do. Please pull it together, Eric! Do what is morally and ethically right.

  11. Care Bear Welfare

    The grift that keeps people giving. Amazing that he and crazy wife can keep this shitshow going for this length of time. Even more amazing is the number of sheeple who believe the story and keep donating. And now he has developed a ‘mileage banking’ system. Yea, right. Eric, why not ride a stationary bike in the shitmobile while crazy wife slowly drives 3 mph (your average speed, right?) toward California, and your eventual “Eat it” showdown with Dr. Phil?

  12. Jo from oz

    I just can’t Believe he hast lost at least 50lbs doing the mikes he claims. If he is eating a healthy diet (even a big amount of veggies etc with done protein) and riding that far the weight loss surely would be obvious by now. He doesn’t look any different to me.

  13. Barb

    Um, so when challenged today based on someone pointing to this post he got pretty hateful as usual and asked the woman if she had her Nigerian inheritance yet. What an ass. Dude, you belong in the same category as the Nigerian inheritance and marriage scams. That is you, different scam. People please look at his own photos and you’ll see he is not thinner. After attacking people asking questions he then comes online all happy and smiling – why? Because he needs money to fix the RV and buy cigarettes. And, he does not ride fast enough or far enough to need a recovery chocolate milk. You don’t burn many calories taking 8 hours to ride 15 miles.

  14. John Nistico

    As the guy whom Eric Hites stole my identity all I can say is he gets what he deserves. Jail is lurking around every corner. And Angie Marie already has a bench warrant out for her in her home state.

  15. Linda

    He is an idiot wrapped in a moron. No sense of pride whatsoever. Has never had to work for anything in his life, he has been enabled all his life. He can’t figure out anything on his own. He is a big mommy’s baby. He spends most of the day deleting comments from the haters stating fact that are true and he doesn’t want those brainless Care Bears to read or he will lose donations . He’ll do it his way, but with your money and skipping 20-30 miles here and there It’s his journey, it should be his money. To buy junk food, cokes, new phones, another bicycle for her which he claims got stolen. All those selfies he takes that we are sick of seeing. We know what he looks like, same as before, except the ones where his face was facetuned to make it look thinner and chop his ears off. I’ll soon have a legal pad filled with all his lies. Just go home and get a job and support yourself. You should be ashamed to have nothing at your age and are more or less homeless and panhandling. Using a dog for a sympathy handout, get baptized for more donations, which didn’t pan out good. ER stops for more sympathy and dollars, You both are so transparent. You can’t even keep track of the lies you tell, but oh we can! Go Home Mommy’s Boy!

    • Anna

      This guy and his wife are wacko! Any poor person who believes them and gives them money or things are just as wack. Get a job, lose weight and quit scamming. You are a lazy fat pig and so is your wife. You can’t even keep track on long you have been on the road, how in THE HELL, are you going to write a book! YOU ARE A LOSER. Vomit in my mouth, dude!

  16. Do Not Care Bear

    He’s got his gofundme back up hoping for cash. In the list of things he spends the money on, nowhere do “cigarettes” or “all you can eat buffets” or “karaoke at the bar” appear. During a forced weigh in last week, he was up to 505. Yes, up. He has gained weight. Almost 40 pounds from his last weigh in some time in April.

  17. Linda

    Can this lying, scamming, obese, poor excuse for a man be any filthier? You have to be able to smell him coming! And posts selfies of his disgusting self! I would be so ashamed and embarrassed to post them. He looks fatter all the time.

  18. LeAnn Wylie

    Eric and his wife are back in Indiana. Texas was too hot and he said the RV brakes, water system (it has no running water), and needed blackout curtians, extra insulatuin, generator repair and he needed to have dental work done. He is supposed to be doing a 30 day boot camp but has only worked out 4 times in 2 weeks. He claims he can’t lose weight because he has low T and low D. He self diagnosed insulin resistance and says he needs metformin. Oh he also needs $300 for chantix because he still smokes.

  19. NOT a Care Bear!

    This man child will never ever work to support himself. He always has a get rich quick scam and the Care Bears are too stupid to figure it out. They can’t possibly work and think what he is doing is ok. How many times does he have to restart this paid vacation? And why are people expected to fund it? His journey , his way he says. Made up medical problems to garner sympathy. Sympathy ambulance ride on tax payers dime. His bills are on hold until he gets back? Who does that. The Care Bears think it is ok to take a paid vacation across the country when he owes thousands of dollars on unpaid hospital bills. Apparently his loyal fans aren’t loyal enough to donate money though! Get a job Eric and support your fat lazy ass for once in your miserable life! You got your cheating wife back, but only when she saw the $$$$$$$ pouring in. That is true love!

  20. Lyn

    This is rather disappointing. Eric inspired me to try and ride across America on my indoor exercise bike. I plotted the map and am riding using a virtual mission site to show me photos of where I am. I call my mission Fat Mom Across America, but some of my blog readers let me know Eric is not actually riding across America 🙁 This makes me sad, but I am determined to do this in a way I wish he was doing it, with daily biking updates, pictures, and progress reports. I feel bad for him, but at least he inspired one person to take control of their health.

    • gofraudme

      What a cool idea! You can get the miles in without having to deal with weather, equipment breakdowns, etc. I love it. And good for you taking control of your health — I absolutely know the struggle and commend you for it. I myself hike every day to stay fit but it’s definitely a lifetime battle. And I agree completely; his possible grifting aside, if one good thing came out of it it’s that the idea of his journey inspired you to take one of your own. I’ll be cheering you on!

  21. Thomas

    He was just on dr Phil , he weighed 514 pounds!!!!!!! So that since starting at 560 he has lost 50 or so pounds? What a crock. I lost 50 by just going low carb in less time and no exercise. This guy should be in jail.

    • Hydra

      HERE is the clincher. That weight he SAID he started at…. he never confirmed it. He just SAID that was his weight. And then 2 weeks later, he weighed in at a scrap metal place in MA. SUDDENLY, in just 2 weeks, he had lost 40lbs!

      I knew it was a scam from then on because he had been telling us supporters what he was eating and NO WAY had he lost 40lbs eating huge cans of baked beans and hot dogs or stopping to have a massive PuPu platter FOR 2, all by himself.

      Sorry. He just makes me so angry. So many people could have been inspired by him, but he’s just a scamming turd.

  22. julie

    I just watched this man on Dr. PHIL. People are not forced to give him money it is just sad good people just want to help people. . My son was probably 700lbs at his highest,because of a REAL MAN taking a pledge to RIDE ACROSS AMERICA to raise awareness for childhood obesity which he ended up investing all his own money into because backers backed out at the last minute.HE did ride his bicycle through America.My son was able to get the help he needed to loose weight because he had the honor to meet Joe O. during his ride. This man who claims to be riding coast to coast to loose weight and makes money off caring human beings makes me sad. He has made enough money to be able to pay for weight loose surgery and save his life. Definatly what goes around comes around. This is a really sad story.#savingjustin #wearyoursoul

  23. hayter

    What a sorry case for a human being. To pray on people like that.Hey fat boy and I mean you Eric try getting a bit of self respect and honor on your life. Nobody owes you anything. You just got yourself to blame. Get a life and try getting a real job and try being honest with yourself and get some self respect.

  24. Isaac

    This guy and his wife are scamming you. He rides only 5 miles a day, that’s about 18.4 feet per minute all day long. Which averages a little over 3 feet every 10 seconds. Take 2 regular steps and that’s 3 feet. You go faster riding a bike, than walking, just do 1 full pedal and you can coast some. A full grown elephant can walk more than 5 miles an hour. If this guy can’t ride a bike faster than an elephant can walk. People save your money, if you want to help something, help charities that help our vets, or help abused children, or abused animals. But don’t give your good earned money to Cons like Eric and his Wife.

  25. Kay

    As Julie said what goes around comes around. People that were trying to help with donations and he gains weight. Better get on it buddy, make some progress. Do something good for a change. Like I’ve always told my children, prove us wrong!!!

  26. AngieRapier

    Haters!! He’s going back out and will shit all over Dr Phil McGraws lawn in Cali…in 2 weeks #winning

  27. Lin

    Hi angie rapier, you said Eric would be starting again in two weeks which would make this Monday his starting date. If you plot a map in advance and publish it here I’m sure people will cone out to check his progress and encourage him if he is there.

  28. Theta Sigma

    Wait, how does biking across America (regardless of whether or not he actually is) help save his marriage?

  29. Theta Sigma

    Also I can’t help but think of Bill Bryson, who before crowdfunding, decided to hike the Appalachian trail. He did, not quite all but a good 90 percent, wrote a book and admitted every place he and his friend skipped.
    And his audience heard about it AFTER his hike

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