You know, at this point I think it’s safe to assume that every story given any small bit of traction in the news will inevitably have a GoFundMe page tied to it.

Case in point, young Cody Morris. You and your friends have probably been ripping on Mr Morris over the last day or so on your Facebook pages, but allow KHBS-TV to refresh your memory:

Cody Morris, 18, was arrested Monday for putting soda inside a water cup at a Springdale McDonald’s, refusing to return the soda, according to the police report sent to 40/29 News.

The manager told police he tried to stop the suspects from driving away, but he was hit by their car, according to the report.

And now, the GoFundMe page. Because of course.

Soda thief Gofundme


Whether or not the page belongs to Mr Morris is pretty inconsequential; either it’s some unoriginal scammer trying to glean a few pennies off a news story under false pretenses or it is, in fact, Mr Morris himself raising money for his legal defense which would be strictly forbidden by GoFundMe terms. You’d think they’d have a bot flagging any accounts that mention “felony” or “lawyer” but hey, who am I to question their obviously rock solid and completely trustworthy fraud and TOS violation prevention methods?

Anyway uh, good luck to him either way?