GoFundMe Fraud

Find Out What One Washington Post Columnist Has to Say About GoFundMe Fraud

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Please forgive me for that awful clickbait-y and vague headline, it’s approximately 189 degrees in central Virginia right now and I’m pretty sure my brain is starting to melt.

Anyhoo, as we shared with you the other day, author and journalist Steven Petrow recently wrote a pretty interesting piece on GoFundMe for USA Today which is worth reading in its entirety.

Jumping off of that article, Petrow recently appeared on TWiT TV to talk about all our favorite subjects: GoFundMe fraud, donor safety, and when you shouldn’t touch a GoFundMe campaign with a 10 dollar pole.

Check it out:

We see the carefully-crafted “fraud is less than one tenth of a percent” on GoFundMe’s platform line is still alive and well. With a new GoFundMe campaign started every 18 seconds, and no one minding the store as those campaigns are being put up, it seems miraculous that 99.9% of those campaigns are legitimate, completely honest, and filled to the brim with good intentions. Like, the face of the Virgin Mary appearing on a piece of toast miraculous.

Overall, though, pretty good interview and worth watching. You should probably send it to your grandma so she doesn’t lose her entire Social Security check to jerks on GoFundMe.