Back in April, we told you about Holland Lowe of Operation Provider, a food bank operating in San Bernardino mountain country. Lowe was accused of running off with GoFundMe cash she raised for the benefit of a young high school student orphaned by cancer.

At the time, The Alpenhorn News reported that “according to an April 8, 2016, email from GoFundMe, there were four withdrawals made from the account with $1,939.98 withdrawn on February 18, 2015, $18.12 withdrawn on February 27, 2015, $64.17 on March 3, 2015 and $91.80 withdrawn on March 10, 2015, totaling $2,114.07.”

Fast forward to now, someone in Arizona has started their own GoFundMe campaign to benefit Lowe, who appears to have been hit with a big ole karma hammer. Campaign organizer Leanne P Searls writes:

Holland Lowe is loving wife, devoted mother and grandmother. She is also the founder and CEO of OPERATION PROVIDER a local San Bernardino Mountains ministry that provides food, shelter and basic necessities for local residents in need. For over 27 years Holland Lowe has devoted her life to helping those less fortunate. Her husband was diagnosed with alzheimers and dementia which has had a devastating financial impact on the family. Holland was recently hospitalized for excessive bleeding as a result of complications caused by a colonoscopy. She underwent several procedures including a blood transfusion. After spending several days in ICU she was diagnosed with diverticulosis. Needless to say she now has health related challenges ahead. Due to the circumstances over the past several years the financial decline has had an impact on this family. Regardless of her own financial hardship the doors to Operation Provider have remained open. On May 16, 2016 Holland , her husband, her sons Isaac & Levi along with their pets will be facing an uncertain fate. The bank has decided to repossess the home that they lived in for the past 15 years. Ironically a woman who has provided shelter and a safe haven for tens and thousands of people now faces the same fate that she has protected so many others from. Holland has been a local resident of Lake Arrowhead California for over 50 years. Please join the effort to provide the means necessary to help this family relocate and rebuild.

That campaign has raised $845 of a $7000 goal. Wouldn’t it be completely hilarious if Leanne ran off with the money and gave Holland the runaround over it? OK, maybe not, but the above would explain a lot about why Lowe was so reluctant to hand over funds raised on behalf of the high school student.


GoFundMe told The Alpenhorn News back in April that they were working with intended beneficiary Skyler Allison to make sure he got the funds intended for him, and that “a final notice has been sent to Holland and she has 48 hours to contact Skyler and deliver the funds.”

Seeing as that was months ago and we were unable to track down an update, we reached out to GoFundMe to find out what resolution, if any, there was to this. We’ll let you know.