In Shit I Can’t Freaking Believe People Think is a Good Idea news today, we’re checking in on disgraced Cleveland DJ Joseph Gerard Spooner, better known to listeners of 92.3 The Fan as J.G. Spooner. It’s actually funny this story popped up, as I was just talking about this clown on the podcast yesterday.

So what’s ole JG been up to since he was bailed out on a charge he picked up in connection to a GoFundMe campaign he created for a childhood friend with cystic fibrosis? I’m glad you asked!

Spooner is accused of stealing $7300 from the campaign he started for Allyson Zappe, who died in mid 2015. reports that he has pleaded guilty to felony money laundering and misdemeanor petty theft in Cuyahoga County court yesterday, and he’s due to be sentenced on December 6.

Honestly, someone needs to prosecute that awful mugshot.

JG Spooner mugshot

The most interesting part about all of this — unfortunate Daytona Beach spring break tattoo aside — is that prosecutors are also accusing this jackwad of running some lame Craigslist scam while out on bail.

They say he tried to rent the home he’s living in — which he doesn’t own — and got some poor lady to give him a $900 security deposit before cutting off contact with her. The homeowner found out and was “shocked,” according to court records.

Spooner did give the lady her money back, but only after cops and the woman herself were up his ass for it. He hasn’t been charged for that stupidity.

This guy needs a serious come to Jesus meeting. Also, tattoo removal sessions.

As always, we will keep you updated on this case.