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Girlfriend Charged With Hindering After Making GoFundMe Page for Felon Boyfriend on the Run

Edward Marglous Gofundme

This could easily be the weirdest story we’ve ever covered here on GoFraudMe but don’t get excited, the site isn’t even 2 months old yet and there are a lot of bad decisions out there to come.

32-year-old Edward Marglous is back in custody where he belongs, but his girlfriend is joining him behind bars over an ill-conceived GoFundMe idea. Rather, an ill-conceived GoFundMe idea only slightly more ill-conceived than the usual ill-conceived GoFundMe ideas.

Arkansas 911 News reports:

ACC SRT Agents have been looking for Mr. Marglous since his latest arrest earlier this month in Hot Springs for allegedly being in possession of a pistol (felons are prohibited from possessing firearms in Arkansas), Xanax pills and a stolen checkbook while passed out behind the wheel of a motor vehicle….IN traffic.  He bonded out of jail before ACC could be notified of the new arrest and has remained on the run ever since.

Today, ACC SRT Agents, GCSO Deputies, ASP Troopers and HSPD Officers developed information that Marglous was at a location on Spring Street in Garland County.  Law enforcement went to the house, surrounded it and effected the felony arrest for Failure to Appear (in court) without incident.

The girlfriend of Marglous, Bertha May Morales, 34 of Hot Springs, was also arrested today for Hindering Apprehension, for 3 counts of Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Failure to Appear (in court).

Why Hindering, you ask? Because like a complete idiot, she (allegedly) wrote the following on GoFundMe with a picture of the wanted man — her boyfriend — front and center! You have to wonder what goes through these people’s heads. Like yeah so her man is wanted and all but there’s the possibility of free internet money!

“Our brother is in trouble and need your help .where we are from your guilty till proven innocent . but this man is not guilty . he’s a good man all the way around . he hasn’t been in any trouble since he got out of prison this last time he’s working on being a role for for our younger bro in arms. The most important part of all this is that I love him and so do my kids and his kids. We cant keep letting the justices system takngbour good men as nd locking them up when  they feel the need  so plz help me save our family member MLHR #keepourbrotherfree……”

“He hasn’t been in any trouble since he got out of prison this last time”

The page raised exactly $0 of $10k goal and is still up at the moment. Good job letting that one slide right through, imaginary GoFundMe fraud and fuckery detection robot! Let’s add “aiding and abetting fugitives” to the long list of great GoFundMe possibilities.

p.s. this might be the best GoFundMe page picture choice of all time.