Woo hoo, it’s Friday! Let’s talk about some ridiculousness on GoFundMe this week, shall we? Friendly reminder: we don’t endorse any GoFundMe pages and cannot attest to the legitimacy of any campaign. TL;DR if you donate, you’re dumb.

Josh needs some ribs.

Ribs Gofundme

Grandma needs to ditch her nasty habit.

Smoking grandma Gofundme

Filed under: potentially creative uses of GoFundMe as yet unrealized.

And then we have… this overzealous Bernie Sanders fan. Pretty sure this is in violation of some kind of campaign finance rules but whatever, it’s GoFundMe who cares!

Bernie Sanders Gofundme

That’s all we’ve got for now. It’s been a relatively quiet week on the GoFundMe front, aside from all the crap we wrote about of course. If you spot a funky fundraiser, do us a favor and get in touch!