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Go F**k Yourself Friday: Damn Gina; The Thirst Is Real; Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful

Damn Gina

Welcome to GoFuckYourself Friday, a weekly collection of the most ridiculous things we’ve seen on GoFundMe. If you have a funny fundraiser to share, get in touch. Remember: there’s no way to verify the legitimacy of these campaigns, so donate at your own risk. Or just point and laugh, whatever.

— Damn Gina! NYC morning radio’s The Breakfast Club has set up a page to benefit actress Tisha Campbell-Martin and her husband Duane, who recently announced they are a few (OK, maybe more than a few) million dollars in debt. “The Breakfast Club wants to help Tisha Campbell-Martin aka Gina from the hit 90’s TV show ‘Martin’ raise money to help  pay off her $15 million debt with husband Duane Martin.  We are asking for $1,220 which equals $10 per episode she filmed for ‘Martin,'” says the GoFundMe page entitled Damn Gina. It has raised $1,457.

— Someone in Dallas needs beer. $250 worth of it. “Please help me. I am so thirsty. I need money to buy all types of beer to quench my thirst,” writes Rae Crowe. What a coincidence, I too need beer. Send money!

— Meanwhile, a few folks on Twitter are getting worked up about this campaign (scampaign?) to mail ugly Donald Trump postcards to the RNC.

USAforTrump2016 GoFundMe

So far, the fundraising appears to be doing great. But the postcard campaign itself is off to a rocky start, according to the Washington Post:

What makes this particularly tricky is the fact that the postcards are printed with the wrong address. Sure enough, the GOP’s website lists 310 First St. SE as its address, not 301. The address printed on those alleged one million postcards would have ended up dumped in a pile at the intersection next to the Capitol South Metro stop.

Oh and one other thing. The image of the postcard attached to that GoFundMe account? It’s basically the stock preview Vistaprint gives you before you finalize an order. See? I just made this. Now send me $15k!

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 8.45.40 PM

— File this one under just plain odd. “Ashleys Gorgeous Funds” may or may not be Amanda Bynes, but is definitely wackadoodle. Ms Banks claims that due to her beauty, her own personal funds are being withheld from her, which is why she’s turning to GoFundMe for “school supplies, an ugly court bill, and rent!” “Strangers and simpletons have absolutely no idea the struggle of living so creatively such as myself,” she says.

Ashley Banks GoFundMe

It’s unlikely the person behind “Ashley Banks” is actually Amanda Bynes, but apparently she’s just as deluded as the actress from which her bit is derived.

— Mary Ruth Joyner, daughter of deceased track and field champ Florence Griffith Joyner (“FloJo”), has turned to GoFundMe to try to get some of her family mementos back. Apparently, an eBay seller got his hands on numerous photo albums and other collectibles once belonging to FloJo and is now asking $3000 for the lot. Mary Ruth says the guy was hocking the stuff on eBay but no listing matches the one included on her GoFundMe page.

— Lastly, we’re just going to leave this here.

Garlic GoFundMe