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GoFundMe Donations Halted for Homeless Teen After Accusations of Misuse

We here at Gofraudme have been highly critical of the popular Chauncy’s Chance GoFundMe campaign, after its owner Matt White continued to raise the goal, and appeared to be using Chauncy as a pawn to advance his own profile. White claimed funds could not be released from GoFundMe for at least a month — a debatable “fact,” as GoFundMe generally does not hold funds raised for any period of time — and as far as we know, Chauncy has yet to receive a penny of the over $340,000 raised in his name.

When we saw the Success for Fred fundraiser pop up, let’s just say we were highly skeptical as its intent seemed to mirror Chauncy’s story. Fred was a homeless college student living in a tent on campus, and when Casey Blaney heard his story, she wanted to do all she could to help, including starting a GoFundMe page.

As it turns out, Blaney couldn’t be any more different than Matt White. She hasn’t changed her job title to CEO of Success for Fred (yes, White actually lists his job as CEO at Chauncy’s Chance), she hasn’t taken pictures of Fred while he is sleeping and posted them to Facebook (yes, White did that), and she isn’t posting daily updates about the blessings “we” are receiving (yes, that’s how White refers to support for Chauncy). In fact, she wants nothing to do with the campaign now.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:

The GoFundMe page of a 19-year-old homeless Georgia teen and his 60-mile trek on bicycle to register for college classes is no longer accepting donations.

After collecting more than $180,000 from donors across the country, Barnesville resident Casey Blaney, the page’s owner, has decided to halt donations.

Blaney’s lawyer, Wright Gammon, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution the fundraiser was shut down because of the “sheer size of the amount of giving.”

Since Blaney shut it down, she has been receiving several accusations, including one individual who accused her of keeping the money and taking off to Hawaii, Gammon said.

Blaney and her husband are planning to move to Hawaii, where her husband will finish up his military service.

In an update on the Success for Fred Facebook group, Blaney makes it clear that she will leave it up to lawyers from here.

Casey Blaney

Comments have been turned off in the group.

Meanwhile, Matt White continues to exploit Chauncy and his mother Barbara by posting their most intimate moments on YouTube for the world to see. “I am so overwhelmed with joy right now, Ahhhhhhhh!!!! Look where we are!!! The dentist!!! It’s happening!!! Barbara’s getting her teeth back!!!” he writes in his most recent Facebook post. Is Barbara not a grown adult capable of going to the dentist on her own? Why is Matt still up this family’s butt as though he is related to them? And when does he plan to release the money from the GoFundMe campaign? Lastly, what did exclamation points ever do to him? His abuse toward them is highly upsetting.

Kudos to Blaney for selflessly doing the right thing for a young man in need, this is how it’s done. Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Oh and p.s. Matt White: we’re still waiting for you to deliver a comically oversized check to Chauncy. Where’s the money? Are you afraid as soon as you no longer hold that power over Chauncy they’ll kick you out of their lives?