“RaeLynn Martinez is the 11 month old daughter of Alexa Coria and Isaac Martinez. Tragedy hit this family this week and we are asking for funds to help out Alexa and her family in their time of need. Raelynn was the youngest of 3 babies and will be missed dear,” read the GoFundMe campaign started September 8 by Alexa’s friend Olivia Ayotte. On the same day the GoFundMe campaign went up, Alexa’s 24-year-old boyfriend Juan Canales-Hernandez told Fort Collins, CO police he’d been “playing” with little RaeLynn the day before, tossing her into the air when she fell and hit her head.

Canales-Hernandez — already a convicted child abuser — then told police that he ended up hitting the child with a chair when she wouldn’t stop crying after her fall. She was unconscious when he drove her to the hospital after the incident, and the little girl later died of her injuries.

Information has now emerged that the little girl’s mother may have attempted to cover up her boyfriend’s crime, and she is now charged with felony child abuse, accessory to a crime and attempting to influence a public servant.

As for that GoFundMe campaign with RaeLynn’s mother and now accused abuser listed as beneficiary? It quickly disappeared after news of Coria’s arrest and allegations of misuse arose.

“A campaign is removed if it violates GoFundMe’s terms of service. In this case, it was removed for raising money for the defense or support of anyone alleged to be involved in criminal activity,” GoFundMe told the Coloradoan Wednesday.

According to the GoFundMe statement, 40 donors contributed $1,320 to the campaign before it was removed. All donors have been refunded, GoFundMe said.

We were able to salvage a cached copy of the removed GoFundMe campaign before it disappeared forever, you can find that here.

The entire thing is just too horrific to think about, and the only thing we have to add is RIP little RaeLynn.