Last week, nearly 50 people were arrested in Metro Atlanta due to their alleged connection with the Gangster Disciples. One of those arrested is Kevin Clayton, also known as rapper OG KK.

A GoFundMe page quickly went up to assist in OG KK’s legal defense, and just as quickly came down, but not before it raised a paltry $45.

Page owner Des Holland writes:

“As many of you already know, federal agents raided the home of Atlanta OG KK this morning… Charges are unknown at the time. Please help with any donations possible. I’m not sure of the amount in legal fees but, great attorneys aren’t free. Show OG how much of a positive movement he has made!!!

WXIA in Atlanta reports that the accused did give back to their community, though perhaps for reasons other than out of the kindness of their hearts:

DeKalb County District Attorney Robert James said the gang had a division known as “Growth and Development” that put on charity events. YouTube features several videos of the group doing community cleanup projects and feeding the homeless.

But authorities say the good deeds were not as they seemed; the deeds were done to impress potential young recruits and their parents.

“Members of the Gangster Disciples were involved in community-based activities such as feeding the homeless, stop the violence rallies and community fundraisers were simultaneously involved in narcotics trafficking and fraud,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge Britt Johnson.

“If you’re not aware of what’s going on and you see an organization that’s feeding the homeless, that’s mentoring young people, they have a non-profit charter — what’s bad about it,” James said. “What’s bad about it is it’s all a farce.”

Supporters have taken to Twitter using the hashtag #freeogkk to speak of Clayton’s good deeds.

Friendly reminder, kids: legal defense fundraisers are a no-no on GoFundMe. Find a lawyer who takes PayPal or use an alternate platform. May we suggest Fundrazr?