GoFundMe Fraud

GoFundMe Campaign Scammer Says Definitely Isn’t Fake Turns Out to be Totally Fake

Emergency surgery fake GoFundMe

You know, I’d like to say I didn’t see this one coming but even my blind foster cat could see this coming.

So hey, you guys, Sarah Marie really needs help. She recently opened up a Twitter account for the sole purpose of spreading a GoFundMe campaign, because that’s totally something an actual person would do and definitely not something a scammer would do.

Twitter GoFundMe scam

Please, Nicki Minaj, you’re her only hope!

Twitter GoFundMe scammer

Alright, well, since you insist it isn’t fake it definitely can’t be fake, right? Let’s take a look at this definitely not fake campaign [archived here]:

Emergency surgery fake GoFundMe

“Jasmine Williams” writes in “her” plea for $25k:

PLEASE PLEASE can you guys help me my name is Diana Harris and I’m here to tell y’all a story about my daughters life she is nothing but 16 years old and she needs emergency surgery on her heart or else she will die my only child will not be here with me and do anyone knows exactly how hard that is for my only baby I don’t know if I’ll be able to continue loving if I lost my baby and right now my family is not exactly finically equipped I’ve have done everything I mean everything PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME HELP MY FAMILY PLEASE

Wait… your name is Diana Harris? It says your name is Jasmine Williams. Ah fuck it, mistakes happen, I can see how you might confuse the two since they are so similar.

Now listen, I don’t want to be too skeptical or anything but sometimes scammers take advantage of people and even sometimes they say things like “this isn’t fake!” in order to gain your trust, ya know? So let me go ahead and run that campaign photo through the handy dandy Google reverse image search and…

Crash survivor

OH SNAP. Do you mean to tell me this GoFundMe campaign you just assured us isn’t fake is FAKE?? My word. You just can’t trust anyone on the Internet these days, can you?

The woman in the stolen photo is actually Monica Landrum, a South Carolina woman who is lucky to be alive today after a vehicle she was in was involved in a fiery accident at a gas station in 2015.

Meanwhile, Jasmine or Diana or whatever the hell her name is would still very kindly like you to donate to her cause that definitely isn’t fake please and thank you, sucker. Better do it quick before GoFundMe deletes the campaign like it never existed now that it’s been put on blast.

fake GoFundMe

Get it, girl.