Does this read like the ramblings of an English-challenged Nigerian Prince or what?

Paisley Park Gofundme

“Prince Roger Nelson did not leave an Estate will and valuable instruction for how Prince Roger Nelson Estate should be run, handle and operated by trusted people Prince Roger Nelson believed to be able to run his personal and business estate after his death. The Federal Government and the Local Government will sell much of Prince Estate for taxes and other expensive to profits to pay the maximum amount of money it may collect on the behalf of the Prince Paisley Park Studios Music Empire Estates. This gives all Prince fans and future fans all over the world the opportunity that can help fund, protect, Prince Paisley Park Studios Music Empire Estates legacy.

The Prince Paisley Park Studios Music Empire Estates special funding is to be used to save, maintain operation, partnership and own a piece of history operate fund to protect Prince Paisley Park Studios Music Empire Estates Valuable Procession from being Auction off to the High Bidder to rise money because Prince Estate may not have liquid cash in Estate Bank Account from Federal and State Government after Death Taxes that is Half Due of $300 Million Dollar. A sum of $150 Million Dollar.
By Januaray 21, 2017.

This Specail Funding is to protect Prince Pasiley Park Studios Music Empire Estates.”





Here is an archived copy of this bizarre GoFundMe page, as it will no doubt be removed in short time.