GoFundMe Fraud

This Guy’s Sick Dog Looks Suspiciously Like a Stock Photo and By ‘Looks Like’ We Mean ‘Is’

GoFundMe dog scam

Good morning, cats and kittens. Today we have yet another totally unsophisticated, lazy ass scam revealed thanks to the wonder of Google reverse image search.

Meet “Sprocket” — poor Sprocket has IVDD, or Intervertebral Disk Disease and his owner is begging for $3180 for surgery and needs it most urgently, as in three days from now.

dog needs surgery GoFundMe

“Hi, my name is Caron and my buddy Sprocket is my Dachshund that you see,” writes the campaign organizer. Hmm. Yeah, about that.

Either Caron’s dog is a stock photo model orrr, the more likely scenario is that he nicked a picture off Google and made up this whole story.

Dog stock photo

Hmm, maybe the vet that used Sprocket’s photo (LOL) could do surgery for free as compensation?

Cervical Disk Disease in dogs

So far, the phony GoFundMe campaign hasn’t collected a single dollar. Poor Sprocket, looks like he won’t be getting that all important surgery. *sniff*