Earlier this week or last week (whenever it was who the hell knows what day it is anymore), we told you about rapper 50 Cent’s unfortunate soiree with a disabled man in the Cincinnati airport. Regrettably, we got a bit ahead of ourselves when we picked up TMZ’s claim that the family was demanding $1 million, payable to a GoFundMe page for the young disabled man, from 50 Cent in exchange for lack of a lawsuit. No such GoFundMe page had been set up, and the family of Andrew Farrell told the local rags that they never demanded a cool million from Fiddy’s broke ass.

Now the New York Daily News is reporting that much-loathed douche canoe Martin ‘Hittable Face’ Shkreli is going to bat for the young man:

Martin Shkreli just weighed in on 50 Cent’s latest faux pas.

The hated “pharma bro” has pledged to donate $10,000 to Autism Speaks in solidarity with 19-year-old Andrew Farrell, who the “Candy Shop” rapper mocked mercilessly in a video that later went viral.

Shkreli — the former Turing Phrama CEO who once reportedly paid $2 million for Wu-Tang Clan’s one-of-a-kind album — also wants the rapper to throw in $10,000 to support the autism advocacy group, Farrell’s family confirmed to the Daily News.

Instead of donating directly, Shkreli will start a GoFundMe site to collect donations, according to Farrell’s father, 42-year-old Kent Farrell.

The donation offer is interesting not because Shkreli is himself facing securities fraud charges so a GoFundMe page might not be the best idea right now but because Autism Speaks is actually controversial in autism advocacy circles for its belief that autism is an ill in need of a cure. But that’s a whole separate issue, we suppose.

That said, Billboard reports 50 Cent skipped the stupid GoFundMe page and donated $100k to the organization himself. See how easy that is?

In the meantime, Shkreli has his GFM up and running, and generously gave it a $2500 donation.

Martin Shkreli Gofundme

The campaign has been “certified,” which means GoFundMe cuts checks (through FirstGiving) directly to the named charity. Still, why does this need a GoFundMe page at all? Just cut a check and shut the fuck up the both of you, geez.