GoFundMe Fraud

Here’s Another Jackhole Running a GoFundMe Scam Using a Stolen Pic of a Sick Kid

Fake cancer child GoFundMe

Another day, another jerk trying to make a buck via the laziest method possible: a stolen photo of a sick kid and a fraudulent GoFundMe campaign. So glad GoFundMe is on top of these things, you guys.

“Robert Goodwin” of Carbondale, IL (likely fake) is asking for $2000 to benefit “billy.” We don’t know what’s wrong with Billy because Robert Goodwin of Carbondale, IL is really lazy and barely wrote anything at all in his fake plea.

I really care about people no matter what but children are another level please help this young boy billy . We have to change the world ourselves. Thank you for the help

Get your shit together, Robert, this is pathetic even by scammer standards, if any such standards exist for oxygen thieves such as yourself.

A quick reverse image search reveals that “billy” is actually Anthony Strang, a little boy with a heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot. He survived heart surgery but then was diagnosed with leukemia before the age of two, the poor little guy. How do we know that? Because some awesome person named Dawnell was raising money via the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in his honor.

Anthony Strang leukemia

Poor Anthony is also popular with the like farming crowd, as you can see here:

Cancer scam kid

No one has donated to this obvious scam yet, and it’ll likely be taken down from the GoFundMe website not ten minutes after we publish this post. You’re welcome, GoFundMe. Maybe tweak those “fraud-catching” robots y’all have over there, they aren’t doing a very good job.