Alleged GoFundMe Fraud

Here’s Another Piece of Shit Taking Advantage of Animal Lovers on GoFundMe

Puppy Africa gofundme

Oh man. This is like Catfish 101, do people never learn?

Meet Claire Skye. That’s probably not her real name but that doesn’t matter. “Claire” writes about her poor puppy Africa on a GoFundMe page and OMG poor little Africa:

“Took our new puppy Africa for a walk this afternoon and she jumped in the water (like she usually does)

When we got home her eyes started glazing and she wasn’t moving sturdy.
My beautiful girl looks to have being poisened by some type of algae and the vet bills are going through the roof already >.<

The insurance WILL NOT cover us as it’s a brand new policy and havent passed our 14 days -.- This is my last choice before i sell my car as saving africa is much more important!

I feel heartbroken and only hope we can band together and save my baby.
Every £ helps thank you”

WOW that is so sad. Except check this out: “Africa” and this puppy from MeruRott Kennel in Malaysia look exactly the same. How about that!

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 7.31.14 PM

“Africa” is most likely Baxton, a purebred Rottie out of Malaysia. He’s also like 8 years old by now. But whatever, send money right!

Oh, but “Claire” is trying so hard on Facebook to save her little made up puppy regardless.

Report this piece of shit.