GoFundMe Fraud

Here’s a GoFundMe for a Fake Sister Who Fake Died in a Fake Accident

Fake GoFundMe bury sister

Well hello and happy Sunday, people. It seems scammers don’t observe the Lord’s day, and so we have another moronic GoFundMe scam using photos so obviously stolen off Google. This fake was spotted by the watchful eye of a fellow member of a GoFundMe campaign sharing group we share on Facebook, reminding us once again how important it is to call these jackholes out when you see them come across your feed.

“Sarah Rodriguez” writes in her plea for $5000:

My baby sister was in a car accident yesterday caused by a drunk driver. She was such a sweet girl who truly will be missed by many . Me and my mother are the only family she had and we don’t have enough money to give her what she deserves ..
Thank you all …
Im also asking for prayers … my mother and I are really having a hard time facing the reality of this .
May God bless you all

That’s terrible. Prayers, you got it. I’m going to get down on my knees and pray to Jesus right now, just hang on a sec and let me run your sister’s photo through Google Image search first OK? It’s not that I don’t trust you, it’s just that I know God’s time is important and I don’t want to waste it.

Pretty girls GoFundMe

OH SNAP LOOK AT THAT. Is she a model? Dang. That must be it, because there’s no way anyone would ever steal photos off Google to use for a fake GoFundMe, right you guys?

This definitely real and absolutely not fake campaign has just one donation, an offline $20 from someone named Sindy. Just so everyone is aware, campaign organizers can input whatever offline donations they want at any time, it’s a pretty common tactic that they’ll stick a few of those in the campaign to lend legitimacy. As if there is any legitimizing this lazy bullshit.

This poor girl in the campaign photo, whoever she actually is, seems to be a scammer favorite, as she is featured front and center as owner of several spam-tastic Twitter accounts.

Fake Twitter pretty girl

Fake Twitter pretty girl

Fake Twitter pretty girl

Although the campaign has been getting reported left and right since this morning, it’s still up as of press time. Ya know GoFundMe deserves to observe a day of rest, even if the scammers don’t.