The other day, someone on our Facebook page said he wished he would never see another GoFundMe page on his newsfeed ever again. Having blocked BuzzFeed from my own feed forever ago, I was happy to share my ‘wisdom’ with him and everyone else seeking to hide incessant pleas for money.

As it happens, I didn’t have any GoFundMe pages in my own newsfeed to block for the purposes of this demonstration (I don’t block them because, um, research and stuff) but this trick works with any domain. When you ‘hide all,’ you hide the entire domain, not just that particular post. Since I didn’t have any GoFundMe campaigns to do this on, let’s swipe this post my friend made instead. Name redacted to protect the innocent.

Alright, so start at your newsfeed. This obviously requires an actual GoFundMe page (or whatever domain you’re trying to hide in the internet abyss for all eternity), so recruit a friend to post one on their page if needed. Note: I attempted to do exactly that, however Facebook must have decided I hate GoFundMe pages as it refused to feed me my friend’s post even after I told it that I wanted to see posts from that friend at the top of my feed. Fuck you, Facebook. YMMV.

So, let’s pretend this is a campaign. When it pops up on your newsfeed, clicky the little arrow in the upper right.

How to hide posts on Facebook

I even drew a handy arrow for you

Once you’ve clicked that arrow, a box will drop down. From here, you can also unfollow the butthole who keeps reposting their GoFundMe campaign, which will block all of their posts from your newsfeed — not just their GoFundMe campaign — without unfriending them. This is especially handy during an election season or if you’re one of those weird lurker types who prefers to stalk people directly on their profile pages rather than in your own newsfeed. I digress. Select “Hide all” if you never want to see another post from GoFundMe ever again.

how to hide posts from Facebook

Hey there’s that handy arrow again

Once you’ve done that, this little box should pop up and tada, no more GoFundMe campaigns!

hide posts from Facebook newsfeed

You didn’t need an arrow here, you get a YAY! instead

Sorry, Business-Standard of India for blocking you as my unwitting demonstration victim, nothing personal.

Now, there’s another way to do this if you don’t happen to have a billion GoFundMe campaigns in your newsfeed to block (though, if that were the case, why are you trying to block them?). Put GoFundMe in the Facebook search box, switch your view to Latest, and then pick any campaign from some random stranger that pops up. Click on the timestamp (that thing that says how many minutes or hours ago they posted it) under the person’s name to take you directly to that post and when you click the arrow in the upper right just like in the example above, another drop down will magically appear. Like this. We’ve obviously heavily redacted this post because reasons.

hide GoFundMe from newsfeed

Select both Hide All options and again, tada! No more GoFundMe in your feed. Like magic.

And that’s it. Easy, right? Good, so stop bitching about all those campaigns blowing up your newsfeed. Or those Tasty recipes using copious amounts of Pillsbury refrigerated dough and mozzarella cheese, whatever.

Happy Facebooking!