GoFundMe Fraud

Hey Look, Another Jerk Stole a Sad Pic of a Sick Kid for a GoFundMe Scam

GoFundMe fraud sick kid

Wow, I feel like I just wrote this same exact post. Oh wait, I did. Yesterday, we shared a fake GoFundMe to benefit a kid named “Billy” who was really named Anthony with leukemia. Today we’ve got another to share with you.

Meet “Eric.” “Eric” is the cutest little nugget you ever did see, ain’t he? He looks like an adorable, tiny Danny Wood (if y’all miss that reference, nevermind, I just aged myself).

Baby Eric fake GoFundMe

So this super nice guy calling himself Deniz Bozglu wants to help little Eric’s parents, who apparently don’t have internet and need some pills for Eric’s illness. Normally I’d roast this guy for being so vague with his plea, but let’s just give him the benefit of the doubt and assume there is a small language barrier.

The GoFundMe campaign reads:

Hi. My anme is Deniz Bozglu and this child Eric is the son of my neighbours . They don’t have internet options for be helped and i try to find help for them here. He was born with an ilness and his parents work hard for buy him the pills.
Who can help him wih any amount is welcome .
For more informations or questions about our Eric , please email me bozoglud@yahoo.com

p.s. we living in Romania , but i dont have this country’s option in setting , and i ll set and Italy adress. Thanks.

Deniz is seeking €2500 and for a €25 donation, he is promising to give you a big hug. Aww.

Yeah so, about “Eric.” If one were to run his picture through the ole reverse image search, we find that Eric is actually a little boy named Ryan. Magical!


Ryan was seven years old and living in a Bulgarian orphanage when a Tennessee woman named Priscilla Morse spotted his picture on Facebook. So moved by his precious little face and desperate plight, she traveled to Bulgaria to adopt the little one. He weighed just eight pounds at the time.

The picture our buddy Deniz stole for his pathetic attempt at GoFundMe fraud is from September of 2016.

You can follow Ryan’s story on his Facebook page here. His transformation has been nothing short of miraculous.

Hey Deniz, get a job you troglodyte.