Hunting Guides Claim Illegals Shot Them, Collect $20k on GoFundMe, Get Arrested For Shooting Each Other

Walker Daugherty

So, back in January some strapped-up paranoid dudes named Walker Daugherty and Michael Bryant were toting their guns minding their business near the Mexican border in Texas when they say some big mean illegal Messicans hopped the border and shot at their RV. SCARY. A GoFundMe campaign which stated the men “were involved in a shootout with some illegals, when the illegals tried to steal Walker’s RV with them still inside” quickly popped up to cover Walker’s medical bills as he was uninsured, and went on to raise $26,300.

Walker Daugherty GoFundMe

After an investigation, however, authorities determined that wasn’t nary an illegal Messican kidnapper in sight that fine day. As far as the investigators could determine, Walker thought there were illegals inside the RV which contained their client Edwin Roberts and his wife, and the illegals was plottin’ to kidnap them because why not. So Walker busted into the RV, scaring the crap out of Edwin, who then shot at Walker. Walker, realizing these were some angry, well-armed Messicans determined to jack the RV, went to get his gun and grabbed Michael for backup. The sheriff thinks Michael shot Walker and Walker shot Edwin.

Edwin Roberts had hired the other men to serve as guides for an exotic big game hunt.

Presidio County Sheriff Danny Dominguez said very early in the investigation that he did not believe there was evidence of cross border violence in this situation. For that matter, a Border Patrol public affairs officer told Texas Monthly that cross border violence in that area is “rare to non-existent” despite the cartels and coyotes operating in the area. You see, when you’re smuggling drugs and/or human beings, the last thing you want is attention. Hence why stealing an RV from a bunch of dudes with guns would be a really, really terrible idea.

Edwin Roberts’ son, who was not there, told WEAR TV a different story from the one pieced together by investigators:

My mom’s dog starts barking. There’s someone trying to get into the RV. My dad gets his weapon, identifies he has a weapon and tells whoever it is to leave. They say in English, ‘we got weapons and we want your RV’,” his son, Edwin Roberts II, said.

Two men with pistols were trying shoot their way inside.

Roberts went for the wheel – he honked the horn and alerted the camp – and got shot in the process. He was able to turn the RV on and drive it towards the camp house.

Two hunting guides heard the commotion and came outside to see what was going on. They ran back inside to grab their shotguns when they saw multiple people attacking the RV.

“Then he came back out, the RV was moving now and he thought they gotten in there and had either took my parents hostage or hurting them, so he tried to shoot the RV tires out with a buck shot which he did to stop the RV,” Roberts II explained.

Walker Daugherty, 26, was shot in abdomen.

“All of a sudden, Walker is down. He gets hit from where the RV was. From a different direction, in the stomach, so he’s’ out cold,” Roberts II said.

In the days following the supposed ambush by illegals, “news” outlets like Freedom Daily picked up the story as presented and proceeded to rile people up about these vicious immigrants attacking innocent hunters for no discernible reason. Case in point:

This attack brought a new concern to the family because it was not just an attempt to rob the property. They believe the men intended to kill all the party. The attackers studied out the placement of their men and from there strategically placed themselves around the lodge so they could fire from different areas, ensuring that everyone would die.

The hunting guide, Walker Daugherty, is still in the hospital fighting for his life. He is uninsured. Thanks to Obama’s bad policies on immigration and healthcare this man is stuck in a terrible situation, and could possibly die. If you feel so inclined to make a donation, here is the link:

Keep in mind Freedom Daily has nearly 2 million likes on Facebook. That’s massive reach to a large group of people who tend to think brown people aren’t to be trusted. You’ve gotta love how it’s all Obama’s fault somehow that he and his clown partner went on a shooting rampage and got hurt.

Anyway, Daugherty and Bryant have now been indicted by a grand jury on one charge each of using deadly conduct by discharging firearms in the direction of others. Warrants have been issued but the men aren’t yet in custody.

As for that GoFundMe campaign, technically Walker Daugherty did have medical bills that needed to be paid, it’s just that he didn’t incur them due to being shot at by some random Messicans. Since the campaign has been closed, we can’t salvage its full intent, but we did manage to find one update posted by campaign organizer Kayla Criner:

We have amazing news! Walker is improving. He is now able to walk around. I will continue to delete any negative comments made on here! If you have nothing nice to say, do not say anything at all! The SIX people who were involved know what they saw. I will continue to only believe the people who I know as well as their integrity and honesty, as opposed to the “authorities” who may have skewed or unseen agendas. I will continue to pray for those who have it in their hearts to assume that this is a “SCAM” as so many have stated, as well as the six people who were involved and traumatized by this event. Thank you from the bottom of everyone’s hearts, friends and family, for those that have shown nothing but love and support for the six of them as they have to face not only backlash from their own community, but from all LEO’s claiming that this did not happen. PRAISE GOD that none of them were killed.

Praise God indeed. Perhaps trigger-happy guys like Daugherty and Bryant should find a different line of work, preferably one that doesn’t involve toting guns near the Mexican border.